Different types of burps

Here I thought I’d list a few different types of burps.

The Classic Soda Burp
After drinking too much soda you feel a gassy feeling in your chest or stomach and aren’t always prepared for an explosive burp that usually happens and comes out like a “oooooooooooo” sound, usually long and loud.

The Gassy Soda Burps
These are usually smaller but still audible enough, and keep popping out when feeling bloated and gassy after drinking soda, sometimes accompanied by hiccups or a bloated feeling in your throat where you don’t know when the next burp is going to come but they’re generally not explosive.

The Non-Soda Drink Burp
Usually this happens after drinking juice or even water. You throw out a juicy burp after gulping down a non-soda drink, which usually sounds different from a soda burp, more like a Barney from The Simpsons kind of burp.

The After Meal burp
This usually happens after a meal. You feel full and ready to burp but it usually takes several minutes. Then you feel a pressure in your throat, sometimes a few bloated hiccups, then out comes the relieving burp you’ve been waiting for, leaving a taste of whatever you’ve just eaten behind in your mouth. Yum?

The Indigestion Burp
This often happens at night, especially if you’ve been out to a buffet or something else where you’ve consumed a lot of food and drink, and you go to bed and feel like the food you ate is laying heavy in your stomach. Sometimes you feel a painful bubble somewhere in your stomach that you want to burp out but can’t. Giving your stomach a rub and sitting up straight can relieve this feeling with a gross but relieving belch.

The Sick Burp
These are the grossest. They are usually inaudible but bring up a bit of vomit into your mouth. Bonus points if you can even smell your own burp.

The Hiccup Burps
Also known as gassy hiccups where each hiccups brings up a burp, which could be any size but mostly small. These burps generally aren’t very relieving.

The Fake Burps
These burps are made by gulping down air then forcing it out as a burp, although they aren’t really classed as genuine burps. These are usually just done for entertainment and the volume and pitch is the target.

Anyway if you’d like to add more to this list then you’re welcome. Otherwise, enjoy.