Do you get turned on burping sex

:smiling_face_with_tear:guys :joy_cat:sorry if its cringe but i really really love a gassy man in bed the man who fucks you will he burps i really love it obe time i was on bed with my man we had dinner and he kept burping i was turned on so we made love and he wasnt burping during sex after finishing he was burping again so that kept me wanting him more and more the next day we just finished lunch he was burping and i initiated sex so we made love while he was burping on my back it was so sexy had to cum like a thousand times during doggy style he just kept letting them burps out i kept cumming and cumming daaamn


I’m so into burping during sex myself tbh. I love the feeling of being all bloated and gassy. Just letting it all out in my partner’s face.

Fuck that’s so sexy I would cum until I have nothing to cum to

Burp sex is awesome! You get double pleasure from the release of gas and cum lol

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Personally I have never had burping sex but I am open to it.

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U should try it its the best sex :drooling_face:

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I can’t burp on command. But, I could imaging doing burp sex if my partner was aroused by their own burps…if that makes sense. Otherwise, it would work, because I would feel selfish using someone’s burping abilities for my own pleasure.