Do your classmates burped a lot?

Do your classmates burped a lot?

my friend burps in class a lot and sometimes sends me videos of her doing it when im not in her class lol the reactions are always funny


They were belching as hell and it made me realize that i had a fetish cause when they belched i got horny


When I was in 8th grade this one blonde name Kara used to hit herself in the chest and let out these deep burps and laugh about it. And then when I got to the 11th grade… this goth chick named Megan used to burp really loud. They were closed mouth but they were still loud as hell. One time she walked past me and my friend and burped on the patio during lunch time. Then there was this one female name latrice who used to burp… and every time she did it I came up with a funny reaction for her to do it again and again. Those were the good old days


One of them. He was the reason I got into burps.

I had a friend in my chemistry class who could burp on command using a weird gulp technique, if you’ve watched the megascenekids videos like “burping girls own” or “best girl burps ever”, her burps sounded more like the heavy set girl in those videos but on a lesser scale.

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