Does you burping in public/ around other people turn you on?

I like burping in public , and like it when others are disgusted , it turns me on ? Is this wrong ??, am I committing a crime by doing this . sometimes I like to release big burps whilst playing video games with other people , just so they can hear me burp , anyone else on a similar page as me …or…just me ?


It’s perfectly fine to make exhibitionism part of your fetish. However, you should respect the fact that some people find belching as offensive as regurgitation! You must pick your audience with caution and establish careful boundaries.

I know it’s rude, but I love it when guys burp in public without caring about manners :sweat_smile: it’s the confidence for me.


I want to experience a spontaneous burp attack from Ruttovibe and Ruttarello and maybe get a selfie with them while they are burping. Wouldn’t that be hot???

For me, burping reaches its maximum splendor when you do it in public. When you do it without caring you demonstrate a confidence that nobody else has.

Burping is about power, so is there anything more powerful than letting out a huge gross belch with mouth open and obligate people around you to listen it? Definetly not.


I agree! There is something super empowering about it, the stares feed my ego! :smiling_imp:
I just posted two on my tik tok the last couple days that are pretty epic!!!

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