"Draft is being edited" bug in Chrome-derived browsers

Today I’m using Chromium on desktop Linux (maybe it affects other OS’s too? Please can anyone test in Windows, Mac and for mobile Chrome-like browsers?) and I was getting this error message:

But this tab for the BFF was the only one I had up and I was actively typing my message while the pop-up prompted this several times in a few minutes so the error is nonsensical and irritating. It’s as if it doesn’t realise it shouldn’t count the sole tab as an extra one where the draft is being edited. If it happens in Chromium it probably happens in Chrome too and other Chrome-like browsers. I might recall it happening in Firefox but certainly it hasn’t in recent memory. I haven’t done anything which might force an unexpected situation which would lead to this error, it really just seems to be an unintended bug in this class of browsers. Please may a Discourse expert amongst the mod team check into this?

If you clear your browser cache does that solve anything?

I could try that, but I always visit sites like these only in private browsing mode because you can never be too careful for personal computing security. So I’m thinking browser caching in private mode would inherently be temporary (in this case only from within the last two hours) and not, as you may have assumed, cascade from browsing in the past as with regular browsing mode. Would this have any bearing for your suggestion?

Yeah in that case it’s probably not a cache issue.

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