End of my Journey?

Ever since when I was young I found it hilarious when a Girl Burped. My family would get into contest and had me cracking up but now as I gotten a lot older especially me having a YouTube that used to post content of woman belching. I kind of felt it was a little cringe. It’s still impress it that a girl can sound like a walrus when she burps but I think that it’s somewhat of a childhood thing that I’m starting to grow up on.

I even stopped posting on my YouTube channel because I felt like I was burned out and turn off by the content of girls burping. Obviously outside of all of this I have a good job in real life but don’t have a lot of friends to share this content or no friends at all. I still see them on Facebook but they would think I’m a strange person loving this type of stuff.

I don’t know I never saw it as a fetish to me even though I would get turn on when a woman and on video would do it. But I feel like I’ve gotten a little depressed about it and thinking that my next girlfriend needs a talent to make me like her. Or fart like a man. Just outlandish possibilities but you never know what life throws at you.

So I apologize if this post got anyone down. If you guys love girls belching and thinks it’s something that’s healthy in your life to love then that’s fine. It’s just gotten a little bit disturbing and gotten me a little bit depressed.

But anyone concern about me. I’ll be fine. I got a job of me being an artist and maybe I might come back some day to this forum and post a belching comic just for the fun of it.

I just feel like it’s time to cut out stuff that is a distraction in my life so I can feel better and happy about my life.

Once again I apologize if anyone was upset by this post. But I hope you all understand.
Anyways this ain’t goodbye.

It’s see you later, Space Cowboy.:saluting_face: