End of my Journey?

Ever since when I was young I found it hilarious when a Girl Burped. My family would get into contest and had me cracking up but now as I gotten a lot older especially me having a YouTube that used to post content of woman belching. I kind of felt it was a little cringe. It’s still impress it that a girl can sound like a walrus when she burps but I think that it’s somewhat of a childhood thing that I’m starting to grow up on.

I even stopped posting on my YouTube channel because I felt like I was burned out and turn off by the content of girls burping. Obviously outside of all of this I have a good job in real life but don’t have a lot of friends to share this content or no friends at all. I still see them on Facebook but they would think I’m a strange person loving this type of stuff.

I don’t know I never saw it as a fetish to me even though I would get turn on when a woman and on video would do it. But I feel like I’ve gotten a little depressed about it and thinking that my next girlfriend needs a talent to make me like her. Or fart like a man. Just outlandish possibilities but you never know what life throws at you.

So I apologize if this post got anyone down. If you guys love girls belching and thinks it’s something that’s healthy in your life to love then that’s fine. It’s just gotten a little bit disturbing and gotten me a little bit depressed.

But anyone concern about me. I’ll be fine. I got a job of me being an artist and maybe I might come back some day to this forum and post a belching comic just for the fun of it.

I just feel like it’s time to cut out stuff that is a distraction in my life so I can feel better and happy about my life.

Once again I apologize if anyone was upset by this post. But I hope you all understand.
Anyways this ain’t goodbye.

It’s see you later, Space Cowboy.:saluting_face:


It is understandable, for the past year or so I have felt somewhat burnt out on the fetish, I stopped actively looking for new content, stopped coming to the forum, stopped making compilations or even masturbating as often. Maybe only a couple times a month and even when I did, the effort I put in was extremely minimal. Like I’ve always had some burping videos on my phone’s SD card but never used them except for when I was away from my PC for an extended period, but the past year I have just been picking out one of those and just jacking off as quickly as possible, barely even caring, just fulfilling the need a couple times a month.

I never felt sad or depressed about it though, and I still always knew this fetish is the only thing that will ever arouse me… I just felt OK with not engaging with it and put it down to desensitization over the years and just getting older and it being integrated into my life to the point it is just a normal thing to me, and as with all the other normal things in my life vying for my attention, it started to fall further down my priorities list.

But I just recently became unemployed and have some spare time before I get into a new job so it has made it’s way back up the list, at least for now. But I think this is how it will be for me from now on, it will just come and go in phases based mostly on my life situation. I can’t remember the last time I came on here 3 or 4 days in a row like I have the past few days, probably more than a year ago.

And though I do really love the discussion here and find it very mind opening and even enlightening in a way, the media content on here is definitely secondary to discussion for me and I wish there was actually more topics I could chime in on or start, but already after just a few days I am running out of stuff to discuss. But I don’t blame the folks who are just here for the media, at a time I was definitely more into that side of it too.

I hope to stick around a while, but inevitably I will probably once again meld into the shadows for a few months then reappear again for a few days. Just knowing the forum and community will be here again when I feel the need to return is solice enough for me.

So my friend, do not say farewell or see it as an end to your journey, it is possible to have the fetish and not actually be obsessed all the time, took me a few years to realise that as well, but you are not the only one feeling similar.