Eructophilia Discussion Group

  • Over the years, I’ve seen certain members of her community here wishing it was easier to find support from other eructophiles to discuss the complications of having our fetish. I’ve also seen other members wishing that it was easier to form closer, more human friendships with their fellow fetishists here. And as much as I value the forums and the space it allows, I think many of us understand that these goals can’t be accomplished within this format. So my goal is to add an additional space, not to replace this one, but to offer eructophiles the chance to engage in live conversations via voice call about their experiences living with our fetish and the struggles that come with that.


  • The tone I’m thinking is something between a book club and a support group. It will be a place for intelligent dialogue and emotional venting. What it’s NOT looking to be is another place to just talk about content and its creators which feels like so much of the focus of the forum, nor to be a platform for people to burp together like we already have with the personals category. I want this to be a safe space for people from all of the corners of our fetish.


  • The current idea is that we’ll faciliate this discussion group through a Discord server just to have a place to schedule meetings and then use an audio channel there to have the actual meetings. If you’re interested in getting involved, the link to join the discord is HERE.


  • If you’d like to talk more about this project, feel free to DM or comment here. It’s an experiment, so we’ll see what the interest is like and how best to make this work.

I look forward to examining how this fetish developed and expresses itself in my experience and in the lives of others. Perhaps I can unlock its mysteries.


Hey all!

We’re going to be having our first discussion meeting tomorrow, Saturday June 15, at 11pm EST in the discord audio channel. If you haven’t already joined the group, you can join here.

Looking forward to getting to talk to some of y’all about how you live with this fetish.

If you’re not able to make it but are interested in future meetings, please join and let us know what your schedule is like so we can do our best to find a time that you can attend.


how’d this go? didn’t see the thread in time to join but i’d love to be a part of future chats


It went well! Few hours of conversation with a group of five people from around the world. We’re hoping to schedule our second meeting for next weekend so if you want to join in, make sure to check out the discord!

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Meeting went well! Three-hour discussion. Definitely a budding space for compassionate dialogue about living with eructophilia. :speaking_head:

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