Excuse me or no excuse me?

Hello everyone, first time here. Some of you may recognize me, but I’m the one who loves the phrase “excuse me” after a burp.

After reading a few discussions, I realized the opinion on the phrase here is very mixed.

So I’ll ask:

Do you like it when someone says “excuse me” after a burp? Why or why not? Is it cute or sexy? Favorite situation?

For me, most of the time I find the embarrassed “excuse me” always cute, but the one’s that are said in a sexy or smug way (“oh my, excuse me~”) with a giggle at the end is really underrated. (However, in some situations, being over the top with the excuse me is kinda weird, except if it’s animated or something)

Other situations I like include:

  • excusing yourself while feigning exaggerated embarrassment for humor
  • casual excuse me’s
  • laughing, smirking or grinning while saying excuse me after a proud belch
  • whispering “excuse me” in ear after burping in it
  • sighing in relief after a good belch and excusing yourself out of politeness
  • juxtaposition between a huge or long belch with a cute “excuse me”
  • sarcastic “excuse me” with a sly grin or smug face

It’s hard to find people with this kink who thinks the same, but what do y’all think?


there’s a certain mildly sarcastic tone I really like, that kind of lazy faux polite speaking voice women will adopt sometimes as a joke, but not in the super played up “EXCUSE MOI! bats eyelashes” way. don’t know if that makes any sense.
edit: here’s a specific example Vocaroo | Online voice recorder


I swing both ways with this, but I tend to love hearing a simple or shy “Excuse me” after a MASSIVE rude belch. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s like we’re already past the point where politeness would be perceived because of how grotesque and intrusive the belch was, but the woman tried excusing herself anyway. Does anyone else feel that way about it?


Yeah, similar to what I said:


It’s charming in a way


Lol this is my thoughts exactly - like unleashing the loudest disgusting belch possible and then nonchalantly saying “excuse me” like I didn’t just hear the biggest roar come from your mouth. So hot :sweat_smile:


Burping the words “excuse me” :smiley:


Depends on the situation/person


Typically I really like it especially when they’re embarrased or surprised lol


Yes I love burping the words excuse me but I think my favorite would have to be an absolutely massive belch with no excuse me BUT with a look afterwards like “yeah bitch, that was me and you better not expect an excuse me” hahaha. Either that or a smirk afterwards. Anything that shows the female is so confident and doesn’t give a shit.


(reposted because I forgot to specify reply)

“yeah I’m not going to say excuse me haha”
“…But you just did”

Absolute savage tho

What if they said it anyway? Would it ruin the mood or be seen as pointless?

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I like my burps loud and proud, so no excuse me

Though saying it sarcastically without meaning it is pretty awesome too :laughing:


I sell burp content…

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This is great! Got any more examples?

I think youd like my stuff!!!

Wait…are you the Bethel dude from YouTube?

Well I think if it’s a female that I know personally…I like when she DOESN’T say excuse me…simply because I’m the one she’s doing it in front of. In other words, I think it’s a turn on when a female who normally says excuse me, doesn’t see it around me but says it with anybody else. It’s a turn on when my female friends are comfortable enough ( with me) to let out the nastiest burps around me unapologetically

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Christian Bethel? No, they’re @BurpMaster1993.

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Oh ok… He used to have an ( excuse me) fixation too so I was wondering :joy:

Yeah, I’m Christian Bethel. Those fuckers at YouTube took down my Excuse Me Playlist. I put a Lotta hard work into that playlist… Oh well. I’ll make a newer and better one.