Fetish Co-Worker

So there’s this fairly new coworker at my job. She’s slim, with jet black hair ( she says she’s naturally a redhead) with a tattoo on the back of her neck (which I kissed when I was intoxicated one night) Well the subject of porn has come up quite a few times ( she’s a freak) and I kinda hinted to her that I can’t watch regular porn because I’ve been into fetish porn for such a long time. She agreed… and called it train wreck porn ( because it’s disturbing but u can’t look away). Since she agreed about regular sex not being that interesting… I’ve been plotting to ask her about burping for me For money. Been kind of chicken about asking though. Well, me being the gentleman that I am…I waited with her outside after work about an hour ago…until her Uber came. She took a sip of her Red Bull and about 30 seconds later, I hear this burp that had similar depth to Bailey Bob’s burps and on a scale from 1 to 10 in volume, it was about a 4. She said “excuse me”. I exclaimed (that was a good one) and she chuckled. Now that I know how they sound comin out of her… I feel even more motivated to ask her. I’m pretty sure she’d be down, but I’m waiting a few weeks before I bring this to her. Wish me luck guys… this woman might be a regular topic here on the forum :crossed_fingers:

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Why pay instead of getting them for free naturally or just ask her out?


Oh believe me, she’d probably enjoy doing it for nothing because she’s into taboo stuff. But mentioning the :moneybag: is just a motivator and a reminder… just in case she has other things running thru her mind. But I made a joke about 2 weeks ago about me paying her for a lap dance. She was like why pay me for something I’d give you for free. So I’m pretty sure I could probably get some free burps out of her. But right now she’s going through something with her psycho looking boyfriend. And he quietly pops up at random times. Sometimes I look up and he’s just standing there in the restaurant. They’re in the process of breaking up but he still comes up there like almost every day like he’s keeping an eye on her or something. I offered her a ride home one night and she was like no because it would cause problems. I said even though he doesn’t want to be with you anymore? I want to wait until they are completely finished with each other that way he would kind of be out of the way. Also if she works for me via video, he won’t be around her to look through her phone and if she works for me in person… we could find a spot to be alone because he won’t be around. So I’m just waiting a few weeks before I make my move.

If you already offered (even jokingly) to pay for a lap dance, I would probably refrain for offering to pay for a second thing haha. That actually might come across as more odd than just talking about burping lol.

And def stay away from her until she’s done with that dude. I’ve been through that before. It’s a complete clusterfuck haha.

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