Four o'clock Burps

So I’m on TikTok scrolling through the lives at 4am. As soon as I entered this one live, I saw this brunette place her phone down and walk into the bathroom. As soon as she goes in there, I here a deep, loud burp. That obviously caught my attention so I went to my room to get comfortable. About 5 seconds after the first one, she let out another one just like the first one She ended up doing 5 nasty ones. They all sounded identical. Loud, deep and about 3 seconds each. When she came back into the picture and grabbed her phone, I said ( those burps we’re ten and a halves). She was like ( they sure we’re) She had a bottle of whiskey and a can of coke that she kept chasing it with.She was pretty tipsy. She went back into the bathroom…this time taking her phone with her. She ripped a closed mouth burp I commented ( nice one). She was like what’s nice? She didn’t even know she burped. When she came out of the bathroom, She sat in the bed watching TV as she let out another burp ( about a 4 from 1-10) There was only me and two other people in her live but I was doing the most talking…and flirting with her. She flirted back and eventually asked me, if she left her number in my inbox, would I use it. I said of course I would. We texted each other’s phone.She asked for a pic of me and said I was sexy when I sent it to her. The burping God has definitely looked out for me over the course of me having this fetish. I wonder if she’d rip such powerful bassy burps when she’s sober. Guess I’m gonna get to know her


Update…we were up till 5 something this morning talking on the phone. She asked me what made me stop and stay in her live. I told her ( to be honest with you, I was scrolling through and when I got to your live, I heard some huge burps that caught my attention) She said said " oh my God I remember. The whiskey and coke gave me burps and hiccups. When I hiccup, usually big Burps come out with it. I burp better than a Man". I was like ( yes I know u do…we could have a contest sometime, now that we have each other’s phone numbers) She said that I’ll hear them anytime she gets full. She’s already comfortable enough with me, to take a piss on camera, so I know the burping will cum naturally :smiling_face:


would you be willing to rip some audio?

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I’ve been anticipating getting some from her ( for my convenient personal pleasure). She says she drinks every day…and when she drinks, she always chases it with a can of soda…so I think I’ll be hearing quite a few in the near future. Gotta think of the right way to do it without sounding like a creep. I can post some audio of some of my long time female friends for now, if u want


Well done soldier, return to base.

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Just a little update. She still texts me from time to time but we haven’t had a phone conversation in about a month. When I met her on her live, she was staying with her mom for a few weeks. Now that she’s back at her boyfriend’s house, she’s off the radar lol. She’d still sneak and text ( I miss you) to my phone every now and then. Wishing she’d go back to her mom’s for a few weeks, because I mentioned to her that we have to have a contest. She was like ( u sure u wanna go against this) even her mom was in the background saying ( is he sure he wants to do that). Heard her mom had some monster ones too btw. They were discussing one she had done the night before lol