So I know a lot of you are probably too young to know about this, but there’s a old game show called The newlywed game. I’m watching a rerun of it. The question was what does your wife do ( that makes you think there’s a big old truck driver hiding inside of her) I was about to change the channel until I heard that question because something told me to just stick around and hear of anyone is going to say burp. Two of the husbands answered that their wives burp, so I stuck around till after the commercial. The wives answered the question correctly that they are belchers. In fact those two wives answer the question correctly plus another wife said that her husband would say that she burps but of course the answer was wrong LOL. It’s a very gassy world out there people :joy:


Amazing, i love examples of women burping before like the 1980s, seemed a lot more rare before then

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Damn dude you got a link? Lol

I wish lol. It was on TV

There was a movie from the 80s called Sure Thing where an actress ( Daphne Zuniga) shotgunned a can of beer and let out a nice burp. It should be on YouTube. I used to rewind that part on my VHS cassette constantly when I had that movie