GF might have fart fetish?

Hi everyone, I am starting to suspect that my girlfriend might have a fart fetish. Before anyone says it, yes, I do plan to ask her directly at some point. I just thought it would be interesting for you all to read it, and I am wondering if you think my suspicion is justified or if I am just projecting. I will list some instances that lead me to believe she might be into my farts.

She and I have always bonded over toilet humor. Even before I farted in front of her for the first time, we often made jokes about farting and burping, so I knew she was at least cool with body functions. Still, the first time I let one rip on the couch while watching a movie, I felt slightly embarrassed; it was unintentional. However, she quickly assuaged my embarrassment by snuggling closer to me and saying that it was OK, she didn’t mind.

As I continued to fart around her, I would say sorry or excuse me, and she would always respond that I didn’t have to excuse myself or say sorry, because if I fart around her it means that I am comfortable with her, and she likes that. She even said that after I farted on her once.

Now, she really might just desire a sense of intimacy with me, and that’s all. But recently, I’ve noticed that almost every time I fart when we are near each other, she will snuggle close and even kiss me. It’s almost like the fart is activating her sexual/romantic activity. We are still getting to know each other sexually, but she has dropped some hints that she has an interesting sexuality. We were talking about how she values comfort with a sexual partner because then she feels safe to ask the partner to do anything “even if it’s some weird stuff.” She has also mentioned that she often thinks about how certain things in her childhood may have influenced her sexually, but I haven’t felt comfortable enough to ask her to elaborate yet.

She also burps ( :heart_eyes:) but she always excuses herself after a burp, unless we’re having a burping contest (:melting_face:). However, she is much more ostentatious with farting, not excusing herself and not wanting me to excuse myself, and we both enjoy making a big deal of farting together in bed (the exact nature of this enjoyment I have yet to ascertain). When I observe behaviors like this and the things she has said, I see a mirror image of myself. The way she acts with farting is extremely similar to how I’ve played burping in relationships.

What do any of you think? Match made in heaven, or am I just projecting my own traits onto her? I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a woman with a fart fetish online–is anyone here a woman with a fart fetish/know one? If not, have you dated someone with a strange fetish and experienced something similar as me?


Definitely sounds like it please keep us updated.


When my partner burps/farts around I get the same “romantic activation” your girlfriend gets and snuggle them tighter or give them a smooch, so I think it’s not far-fetched to think she might have a fetish.

Even if she doesn’t have the fetish, from you what you shared, it feels like she might be very open about your own fetish if/when you decide to share it with her. I’m pretty sure how encouraging and chill she is with farting and burping must be a great feeling! :3

Would love to hear more of how this unfolds for you ^^


I don’t think it would be unreasonable to believe she has a fart fetish based off what you wrote here. The only other reason I could think of for her wanting to snuggle up further next to you and kiss you after you just farted would only be if she was worried you were embarrassed so she was trying to comfort you or something. But based off what you wrote, it seems like she would have no reason to worry about you being embarrassed, lol.

I don’t indulge it very much, but I have certainly been turned on by farting before :melting_face: (in answer to your question about any women here with a fart fetish)


Thanks all! I will keep you posted. I think it would be pretty amazing if she had a fart fetish, I mean how beautiful to meet someone with probably the closest fetish to mine. But even if she doesn’t, as @thegasprovider said, it is wonderful to be with someone so open and I figure that I will eventually open up to her about my own. Re: @ntrepid , thank you for opening up about that, I don’t have a fart fetish either but the thought of my gf liking my toots does arouse me, because I love her and am turned on by turning her on!


@orwellianoctave1 would love an update when you find the time! Really sounded like she has a kink for gas and I am fascinated