Have you told your partner about your fetish

So I have had this fetish since I can remember, and i’ve had few relationships during these few past years. But I have never even mentioned about this fetish, because somehow I think it’s embarrassing or at least weird enough not to tell anyone about.

Have you ever told about your fetish to your partner, and what was the reaction. I’m just very curious :slight_smile:


I’ve told 2 out of 3 of my partners and it’s always benefited me. If they love you they won’t find it weird and they might even cater to it for you


yes, to every one i’ve had. never regretted it.


yes! it took a lot of courage for me to tell him for the first time, because i thought i would be taking my kinks with me to the grave as i’ve never told anyone. i made such a big deal out of it and when i finally spit it out he looked relieved and said “that’s it?” so he wasn’t disturbed by it at all. he then pretty much immediately told me he can burp on command, chugged a bit of soda and tried to burp for me. he was also glad that he could burp freely around me (although that didn’t really stop him before lol). it was such a weight off my
shoulders and nice to know my partner cares so much about what turns me on.


Woooh You give me confidence guys
Cause I never told my partners and I am too afraid of it

They all have vanille or Classic sex / allusion with me, but it doesnt have any effect on me, cause I like burps and this is one of the only thing that turns me on on addition with submission

But I am too afraid they could not understand… any time they are like what do U like to watch while masturbating and I am like uuuum I wouldnt tell ahhhahahaha fuck it


lol i completely relate i also like being a submissive! it definitely was hard at first i actually had a huge panic attack while talking about it >.> a bit dramatic in hindsight but my belly kink has been a point of shame for me my entire life. it’s hard for me to get turned on without at least imagining some sort of fetish scenario.

honestly though, i think fetishes are way more common than we are led to believe. people just don’t talk about it. in private it’s different. if you trust your partner and they care about you, i don’t think they would think it’s such a big deal. try to determine their character, someone more laid back and open is more likely to accept you. if they do judge you for an innocent fetish such as this i don’t think they would be worth your time anyway. burping is a relatively easy thing for most people to do, and i know my boyfriend is happy knowing something so simple can turn me on :3


I never actually came right out and told anybody who I’ve been with… but I think they pretty much figure it out because I do start out engaging in burping contests with any of the females that I have my eye on. With some of my female friends its become a long-term thing. One in particular female burped in my ear over the phone and then she jokingly said (imagine me doing that on your dick) I took that to heart and brought it up about two days later and asked her would she really do that. She said yes she would. So we planned the whole thing out and she bought a 12-pack of Coca-Cola and we got a motel room and the rest was history. Ever since that happened between us, she would always make a reference to it over the phone. As a matter of fact when we had our phone conversations, she burped more and more knowing what it does to me. When she went down on me with the verse she used her hiccup burp technique. so every time we have a phone conversation and she wanted to mess with me she’ll start hiccup burping in my ear. If she did just her regular loud nasty burps, it would be because she had one trapped and had to let it out but when she did the hiccup burps, she did that to mess with me. That happened in 2014 and till this day… I never admitted to her that I have a fetish. I pretend that played it off like her burping on my member is what turns me on about burping when in all actuality it’s a female burping in general.


My husband was trying not to tell me about his when we first met, but obviously it stuck out like a sore thumb to me. I asked him about it and he was excited despite his embarrassment. Talking about things is always better than hiding them. Like a previous poster said, if your partner loves you they will not find it weird or bad.


wuhu Hello douxKitty !!

I am coming here after a long time (sorry i’m french so they’ll be maybe mistakes in my sentences)

I have recenlty spoken about my fetish to my boyfriend and it was sooo cool
I couldn’t imagine it could be so great and I am able to be excited and have a sexual life now !! (Otherwise it is impossible for me to be excited you know U.U)

I am feeling so close to your story : I always thought I wouldn’t speak about my fetish and I would keep it “at the grave” as you said.

It was sooo hard to tell it at first… But Now I feel so more comfortable with my sexuality !! That’s so cool


not in my case, sadly. my gf loves me but finds it weird and won’t cater to it for me :frowning:

That kinda sux. But then again, I don’t expect everyone to understand it, for it is a fetish…and only people like us in this forum would understand