Hello everyone, I do various burps and even gas. a lot and very loud and long. I am open to all people. I'm going to have fun!

Hello everyone, I am open to all people. I can burp at different volumes and every day without eating or soda. If anyone is interested in looking at this, I have snapchats or telegrams, and maybe WhatsApp


Are you M or F?

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I’m man :slight_smile:

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Nice would love to hear them
What’s your telegram?

I would love to experience your on command burping skills.

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Now problem set me sms pm

I’d love to hear your burps as well

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Thanks :slight_smile: maybe you want my telegram or snap ?


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I’ve sent you a private message

I’d also love to hear your burps :slight_smile:

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Okay I sent your pm my snap or telegram

I’d love to hear u burp or even fart too :))
I have snap or telegram