How did you tell your partner? How did it go?

As title says. I always wondered how people told their partners about their fetish and how it was received. Were they open minded or taken back? Did they burp for you afterwards? How did that feel to be accepted? Tell me your stories!


I’ve told all of my long term partners. As I’ve gotten older, the time to do that has been shorter and shorter.

I’ve found that when you’re able to build some kind of connection first, it’s easier for them to accept it. All of them didn’t mind at all but only one could actually burp massively on command. The rest just burped naturally when they had to.


The one who could burp on command, would they do it for you? And did they enjoy it, sorry if it’s a personal question I’m just curious * 3 *

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Yep, she would. Pretty much any time I asked. Even during sex, etc. And yeah, she enjoyed it. I noticed she was one of those people who burped after every sip of soda during our first date, but she kept them super quiet. A few weeks later, once I knew it was going to go somewhere, we were having dinner and she was doing it, so I basically told her it was okay and she could burp around me. She was like “thank God” and just started blasting them lol

A bit later I explained that it was a fetish and that’s when I found it she could do it on command. It’s funny because when I was telling her about the kink, she started burping on command during my story LOL

We broke up after like 2 years for a few reasons, but mainly because I had shit I needed to figure out for myself. We dated about 10 years ago now, so I know a lot more about myself now than I did then - and I just wasn’t mature enough for that relationship at the time.

The memories will last a lifetime though haha


I was very shy at first and didn’t tell her directly, after some time she just started burping for me, sometimes on “accident” and would make me say that i wanted it and that i wanted more (i did want more, i just was too embarrassed to admit it and she found that cute)

Later on she would burp in my ear when we had sex and still does. It’s the best thing ever.


This is so cute!


So I started dating my now girlfriend about a month ago. We’ve known each other for about a year prior, and had a bit of sexual history before we started dating. Prior to her, I’ve never been in a relationship where I felt comfortable enough to share this kink, and until recently I’ve never told anyone who I know personally about it. However me and her were really comfortable around each other from when we were friends into being a couple. We’d burp around each other in a playful casual way, and she thought burping was just fun/funny and was pretty comfortable with the subject. She could also burp on command, which made me more motivated to confess to her. After a little bit I decided I was ready to tell her. She already shared her kinks with me at this point, and I figured I may as well put it out there. I told her about a week ago and when I did, she kinda giggled at the idea. I told her I knew it’s a little weird and she didn’t have to do anything with that information if she didn’t feel comfortable doing it. She told me she was only laughing cause it kinda caught her off guard, but she said it’s pretty harmless as far as all fetishes go and even though it doesn’t turn her on personally, she does get off to how much I enjoy it. She started fully incorporating into our sex life and honestly, I’ve never been happier to get something off my chest. It feels like I’m finally fulfilling a sexual fantasy, and I guess I sort of am.


It’s so nice to see when people are able to open up to their partners about their fantasies and have them fully embraced!


I told an old boyfriend of mine (I’m a girl), when we were together. We had been together a few months and I hadn’t ever told anyone before but I felt I could trust him. I am SO happy I did because turns out he had a belly kink and our things kind of crossed over. All the sex we had after that included burping and belly play, it was so incredible and hot. He’d burp for me whenever I wanted, especially during sex, in my mouth, my ear, against my body (all places). It was so sexy. He’d also just do it casually because he knew I liked it and how much it got me riled up. We did end up breaking up for other reasons which was a huge loss. I hope I can find someone like that again.


I can’t remember if I (F) shared the story with my new partner (of over 3 years now), but maybe a year and a half ago we were drinking one night. He was burping a lottt since he was drinking beer/something fizzy. I told him I had a secret (lol I was tipsy for sure :joy:) that I wanted to tell him… it took a little coaxing because I was nervous, but I finally told him about the kink/fetish. He was surprised but was cool with it. He said something along the lines of Yeah it’s a little strange but it’s harmless. Also, he said that it’s good so he can unleash around me :joy: :joy: So needless to say it has only made our relationship stronger. I’d always recommend telling your partner since if they love you, 9/10 they will accept it, and if they don’t, they’re not the one for you anyways!