How long have you been part of this community?

Curious how long people have been here. I’d love to see a lot of responses here!

I have been around a LONG time. I remember the beginning of YouTube, back when I used to search “burp” and there were so few videos I could sort by newest first. I even remember the very first YouTube burp video. Around the same time we had the yahoo burp chat rooms (I used to host as Zephyr). And then there was stickam, vine, the ftp… back in the days when Phantom was very active and there were really only a couple dozen of us who we knew about at least.

My very first burp encounter was from a chat room I don’t even recall anymore, but it was with my Compuserve email address hahaha. I still remember this girl who would call my very first cell phone and leave messages with huge burps. Starchickie83. Don’t search it, she’s long gone and that was back in the late 90s.

It’s been a while! I ask this because I think it’s pretty cool how far this little community has come.


The first thing I ever found was that yahoo group, ‘women who burp and are proud of it’ or something like that. I guess that would be around 2002.

That FTP site later on was pretty famous. Everyone used to monitor it for new stuff and any new video was a big event. Kind of funny to think about now in the age of youtube and etc. I wonder who actually owned it. I don’t think he was ever a forum member.

The yahoo chat rooms were great, and stickam was pretty cool too. It’s a shame there’s not really anything similar nowadays.

Otherwise there was that guys vs girls contest site and a couple more, but very little content until youtube started gaining popularity.


I started my youtube channel in June 2008, but I wasn’t part of the community yet really since I didn’t know the old forum existed. Maybe late 2008, I got a DM on youtube from DaBrawlPlaya letting me know about the forum. I also was in a few Stickam hangouts, but I never talked since I was really young (around 15 to 16) and my english was a lot worse.
So, if I started the Youtube channel in June 2008, I was 15 then… now i’m 30. That means i’ve been in the community for half of my life… good lord that’s strange to think about.


That same Yahoo group was pretty much where it started for me on the Internet as well.


I first got into it from comikzone then found the old forums through youtube. So I’d say around 2005 or so

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Since around 2016 I believe

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I been around since around the beginning of burps on YouTube as well, those old forums man I kind of miss em. So probably around since 06’ 07’. God time fuckin flies man.

I too remember the yahoo group…I was a teenager then!


The FTP was legendary. It was the best resource back then.


Around 2011 I think. One of the first burp vids I saw was the Grace Helbig one.

Glad I’m not the only one who has been here since the 2000s, I was afraid that most of us had “moved on” lol. I found the forums in 2007, there was a link on a YouTube channel called “communityforums” that I clicked on in the precious hour I had in between getting home from school and my mom getting home from work (it was 1 shared family computer in those days), and I didn’t know how to clear the history… oof.

It was the early days of YouTube and just after the heyday of I was too young for the Yahoo chat rooms but I became aware through the lore that that’s where the community was before the founding of the original forum. I fucking loved the FTP, there wasn’t nearly as much content but I still think there were major benefits to 2000s-era decentralized file sharing that streaming and corporate social media will never top. I had a blast in the stickam chats, too, it really felt like an actual community at times, because of the smallness. I went by a few usernames over those years, my first was “mytimes96” then the cringy “girlburpsreturns” and more recently “subliminal91.” Overall, I think it’s kind of amazing that my puberty coincided with the birth of YouTube and the the Forums, because I didn’t have to really feel alone in my fetish for very long. As frustrating as it could be, especially as a teen, I at least knew i wasn’t literally the only person in earth with this fixation. I wonder how burp fetishists endured in the era before the internet.

Tbh someone should really write a history of this community for the internet historians/digital anthropologists.


Fapped to burping videos for a while before when I could find them, but I have been a part of the actual community since the original forum in 2009 (Phantom invited me I believe). Definitely a vet after 14 years!

@orwellianoctave1 didn’t browsers have the private browsing feature circa 2007? Actually I just googled and most didn’t! Well, then why not have used a private user account on whatever OS it was?

As to the era before the internet, I bet some dedicated burp fetishists became movie buffs, watched as many as they could, with a particular regard to grossout comedies, and just gathered as many examples as they could find. Maybe some even recorded from numerous movie VHS tapes to blank tapes for their own early and primitive compilations. Same with audio tapes.


I was 11/12 years old mate, had no idea about any of it. I discovered private browsing slightly later


I started looking for burping videos on YouTube around 2013 or 2014, at first only in my language (Portuguese) and that’s when I realized that there were playlists and channels on YouTube temporarily dedicated to this topic. I also noticed that some people always commented on the videos, that’s when I knew for sure that I wasn’t the only one. However, I only found out about the existence of this forum a little over a year ago, during that entire period I had never talked to other people about it. By the way, since we’re being nostalgic, could anyone talk about the old forum? How did it start, what was the reason it ended, etc?


Joined in '14 :+1:

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I think I made an account on the original forum in 2015? I was way too young to be there so I was mainly just lurking for awhile. My first post was probably in 2017-2018.

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I was expecting so many people with histories that far back. I do agree with what someone said. We should create a timeline! Would anyone be down for chatting over telegram or something and coming up with a brief history?

I been around since 2006 i belive, jeeez many years has past when i think about it. Of course many good memories

i joined the previous forums a short while back, probably 2013-14 ish. Wasn’t really active back then

Same, I didn’t participate much until this incarnation of the forums but I’ve been lurking foreva. I think weed and getting a bit older loosened me up so that now I am all out of fucks and more willing to chat with people about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also gives me some perspective. The amount of belching on youtube and twitch on any given day in 2023 is staggering in comparison to what we had access to back then, not to mention the amount of paid content, and stories, and animations, and artwork, and folks you can chat with here or on other fetish sites. Modern life is fucked in a lot of ways but gotta appreciate the upsides haha