I burped with someone new today

While talking with a friend today, I found out that he can burp on command and asked if he was interested in making a video with me/making more content in the future. We sat down and recorded a 7 minute video of us burping together. We go from considering a contest to throwing that idea out because his burps are not ready to go up against mine. While he can’t make them long or loud just yet, he can burp a lot in a short amount of time. We go back and fourth with me burping (loud and long, full of bass) and him burping (short burps but consistently coming out) to a few minutes of me coaching him on how to burp. He rates my burps and reacts to them along with letting out plenty of his own.
The video is just under 8 minutes long and costs 15$. DM me if you’re interested in buying.