I’m back!

Hi there, fellow burp lovers ! I’m back with new and super spicy belch content - As most of you know i do only sell my content and I take request and make customs just to your liking :wink: I’m excited to say I’m back in buisness and better than ever .- feel free to email me or ask for my direct line . I’ll drop a short sample as soon as the forums allow me too . I look forward to hearing from you :wink:

Any sort of guidance here in who you are? Lol


Sure ! My name here a few years ago was Melanie Rainzz , and you are ?

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Lol I’m not a producer so I’m good with my handle here. I am just curious since you made a statement about being back but didn’t really provide any reference about who you are and your current account is brand new.


Well thanks for stopping by - :joy: when I’m able to post pics and samples I will . I didn’t know I had to “reference” anything . .

It’s good practice that when you come to advertise services here, people can see what you look like, as well as a burp sample so that way nobody is reaching out completely blind.

I get that lol , the forums won’t allow you to post any attachments when you first open an account so I’m just waiting for the “okay” . Thank you guys for all the advice though . I’m well aware -

I wasn’t trying to come across as condescending. You just started your post with “as many of you are well aware” so I figured you had been here before at some point in the past.


A lot of my customers were made aware I was returning , that’s the only reason I said that I didn’t think to go into further detail . Sorry for any inconvenience to you all .

No inconvenience at all, looking forward to see what you post!

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Lol good lord. You say “I’m back” and “as most of you know” but you have a brand new account with no reference to the old account. So I was simply trying to figure out who you were. That’s all. Im not sure what’s up with the attitude but totally done with this conversation at this point.


You sense an attitude through a post ? Lol seems you’re the only one feeling some sort of way :joy: sorry it bothered you so much . And thanks have a good day :heartpulse:

Why did you make a new account?

I left for a while and then decided to come back . Nothing new , just delete and remake them .

Hey, your name sounds familiar do you have any socials or maybe an old preview?

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Welcome back! Can’t say I remember you but I’m excited to see your content :+1:t5:

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