I’m offering live/real time burping sessions!

DM me if you would like to discuss a live session. I’m active all day :blush:

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And don’t forget, I have a new 5$ bundle available!

I’m active today!

I’m active!

Ended up with some extra free time today so I’m active!

Active today :blush:

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I’m active all day today!

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In a rare turn of events, I am active at night too :blush:

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I’m active today!

I’m active today :blush:

I’m available all day today :blush:

Active today!

I tried reaching out to you on discord, but discord sometimes does this thing were you cant text a person if that person is not on your friend list lol
So you’re like “why did you add me? What can i do for you?” And im like “ma’am, if only i could answer you”

I prefer when people reach out to me here on the forum. That’s why it says so in my bio.

I’m active today! Normally saturdays are hard for me with sessions but my roommate is out of town.