I think a girl I work with likes burps

I am currently at uni and as part of my course we have to team up with other students for our projects. I’ve been working with this girl (23) for a few months now and we text pretty regularly, but today we got onto the topic of burps and she admitted that she regularly films her burps and that she loves to burp. She sent me 2 videos of her burping and they were great! Deep and good control so I knew she was a frequent burper.
She said at one point ‘I’ll burp in your face if I’m comfortable enough’ which was super hot that she just randomly said that without knowing I was into them, to which I replied ‘I’ll just do it back’.

Tonight we are going out for some drinks in a group for her birthday and I made a joke that I’ve not got a present so I’ll just burp in her face instead, I expected the conversation to carry on but she goes ‘heheheh’ so I asked if she actually wanted me to do it and she said yeah, and that she’ll be sad if I don’t do it now.

So what do we think? Do we think she just finds burps fun and it’s my burp fetish mind thinking she maybe likes them too, or do you actually think she’s into them? I have no clue what to do!


Have you burped in front of her? Or sent her videos of you burping?

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I’ve never burped infront of her as today was the first time It’s come up in conversation, but I did send her a few videos of me burping, I got compliments like ‘OMG that’s sickkk’ and ‘love how long it lasted!!’ Or the best one was ‘omg that was insane wow’


Sounds like she might be into them! I wish I knew this girl lol

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Sounds like she definitely is into them please keep us updated with how it goes

I don’t know. The recording herself burping is odd behavior if she’s not into it

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I would probably still doubt till she actually say she likes it, otherwise, I will only think it’s coincidence

Just play it cool. If she brings it up organically you could keep the conversation going, but dont insist on the subject any longer than you need to.


Just ask for her username on here :smile:


Burp loudly constantly in front of her and see how she reacts. If she is not repulsed you should tell her you wanna hear her burp. Tell her how much it turns you on and see if she’s cool with it. I’m sure she will be

Bro. DO NOT FUMBLE, I swear. If you fumble this, we’re never gonna let you hear the end of it :joy:


Little update for you all

So I ended up going on a night out with her, drinking lots of beer (which obviously makes me burp like a beast) and I just decided to let them out and not hold back like I usually do, it was actually quite nerve racking because I never burp infront of anyone who doesn’t know I like it, but I just decided to do it anyway. She kept laughing or clapping or rating them out of 10 which just motivated me to do it more.

As I got more drunk I got more close to her with my burps, and ended up doing them in her ear or face and she seemed like she really enjoyed it.

She didn’t burp infront of me on that night out, but since then she’s sent me lots of clips of her burping if she ever needs to.

Genuinely I think she might have an attraction to burps, but I don’t think it’s a fetish for her, I don’t think she’s aware that it could even be a fetish from what we’ve talked about, but she definitely takes enjoyment in them.


If she isnt lurking here already shes bound to be soon if you keep teasing her like this haha. She may get curious and Google if others feel that way.

Jokes aside good to see you stepping out of your comfort zone. Hope both of you find what your looking for.

(Meanwhile my dating luck feels like)


Me at 22 not having gone on a single date: “haha that’s so relatable” :joy:


How does she look?

The laughing, encouraging, scoring out of 10 are all things that people on here say they do to get someone to burp. So there’s a chance she might be doing the same…

I guess the big question is; do you want to take this further? The fact she sends you burps without qualms and seemingly enjoys yours (just the fact that she isn’t offended by them is a bit of a win anyway, haha), is it something you want to explore?

We’re all probably shouting at the screens for you to ask her out, but is that on the cards for you? It would be incredible if she did have the fetish and this was how you found out!

Good luck and keep us updated!

The closest I’ve been to this situation (and it’s not very close) was when I was dating someone a while back and found out her sister could burp on command. She was always keen for a competition and would send audio clips back and forth. But I never noticed her being actively interested in the burps, none of the commenting on them or scoring them, it was more she wanted to beat me at anything! But what I did notice was that type of behaviour around my farts. I would catch her paying more attention to me if I ever let one go around her much in the same way I might if someone burped. She would engage me in conversation about it, make comments like “niiiiice” or actively smell them to comment on that. It hasn’t ever been something I’ve had as part of my fetish, but I regret not asking her, out of curiosity at least. It was always a bit more complex as I was dating her sister, and I kept very clear boundaries!


Just keep playing it cool and continuing as you have
Good luck!