If the fetish was more well known would it be good or bad?

Pretty much exactly what the title says, pros and cons if people knew about the burping fetish kinda like a foot fetish, do you think people would accept it more or more content would be created? share your thoughs.


New free content would be even more rare the it is now. And a lot of already existing content would be deleted.


It would be good from a payed content point of view but not so good for free/casual content. More people would edit burps out of videos, mute/stifle their burps on stream(and in public), and just no longer view burping as a simple bodily function. The simplicity of this fetish is what makes having it so great. Burping is something people usually do without batting an eye as it is natural(much like coughing or sneezing). The fact that this is something we get aroused from makes us pretty lucky cause the average person has to rely on far more scarce/secretive things to get turned on. That would all be ruined if people started to actually view burping as sexual on a mainstream level.

A fetish like this does not need that kind of attention. If this were the fart fetish(as weird as this sounds) it’d probably benefit more from mainstream attention due to it being something most people don’t openly do anyways as it has a reputation of being the most taboo/disgusting bodily function while also being the easiest to hide. Payed content is a fart fetishists best bet. We burp fetishists have it pretty easy in comparison. Overall this fetish needs to stay niche otherwise it’ll be unnecessarily ruined.

Edit: Not to mention people who have a hard time accepting that they have this fetish would have an even harder time due to the inevitable memes and jokes. No one would be able to burp without the topic of the fetish coming up(as we see with the foot fetish 24/7).


I feel like it would be a U-shaped curve, bad at the level of feet for pretty much the reasons GasGuru720 listed, better when getting to the point that the average person actually understands fetishes.

feet content is infinite, I’m not feet sadly but it’s known.
for stuff like this the supply goes up with the demand.
and the supply will reach non paying people too, just like it does for everything already including burping

if y’all think freeloading is the same as it was back in the day then you’re delusional.
at least for the female section, most girls will do a few videos but then comes the stage of them either deleting everything or posting new stuff as if nothing has changed, but suddenly you see cashapp in the bio…
the fact that they don’t acknowledge it’s a kink is just because they don’t want to fully seem (or think) like they’re someone who makes money from selling content people get off to.

most of the public stuff you see today is paid, it just wasn’t you who paid for it.
you can call most of the free content today crowdfunded.

you might lose a few twitch streamers who still aren’t aware but the overall amount of content will definitely be higher

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This is pride month, and I always wonder what would happen if burping pride existed. What if it were perfectly normal to be into belching as if it were big boobs, muscles, etc. most of us are so lucky we have found a source of pleasure in something so “normal” and available, because most people who burp do so to be funny, gross, or competitive.

However, one thing about the burp fetish being normative is that people will realize there is a chance we are encouraging their burping just for our own pleasure. Which, sadly, is often the case whether we admit it or not.

The issue with everyone paying for content is that it spoils any chances of having a burp “community”. Unless, your community exists exclusively of people telling each other where to purchase content.

I’m very sick of TikTok being a way to steer people to OnlyFans. Of course, they have to follow the rules by sharing a link to their Instagram with the OnlyFans link in their bio. I’m always astonished when I find a TikTok creator who isn’t primarily an OniyFans creator in disguise.


Sorry to respond to such an old comment, but since the thread’s getting revived, wanted to agree with what Mememe is saying.
I would go further and say that we should all be more critical of free content from people who don’t acknowledge the fetish. Like, the tiktokers we mention who don’t directly reference it but are clearly making some profit off of fetishists and clearly know about it are one thing, but I’m talking more about the classic idea of people just putting up burps for fun. We devote so much of this forum towards searching the web for anybody burping anywhere but I think there’s a line of consent crossed when engaging with content from people who aren’t aware of the fetish, especially when people are encouraging them to make more without making it clear why they’re interested. Disclosure of intent would mean less free content but it would mean the free content that does exist would exist more ethically.

Maybe it’s just my own mental illnesses but I keep track of everytime I masturbate in a spreadsheet and I’ve recently added a new column to sort whatever I get off to into categories of consent, with free fetish content being divided between the following categories:

  1. commerical content uploaded without consent (pirated content)
  2. public/archive without consent from someone who doesn’t know about the fetish (comps, reuploads)
  3. public/archive without consent (comps, reuploads of content creators)
  4. doesn’t seem to be someone who knows about the fetish (original content from creator who doesn’t know)
  5. likely for fetish but not explicit (creator has the vibe but doesn’t acknowledge)
  6. preview for commercial content (teaser clips from larger commercial video)
  7. advertises commercial content (i.e. links in bio for commercial work)
  8. content created by fetishists for other fetishists (like animations)

I certainly don’t think is information everyone needs to keep track of but I do think it’s worth considering where the content you frequently engage with fits into. For myself, I think the higher numbers are more ethical content to engage with and I’m trying to avoid 1-3 altogether these days. No one will police what you get off to, but we have a responsibility to ourselves to consider what we think is right, especially since, as fetishists nobody is going to be able to make these ethical rules except for ourselves because we are the only ones who understand what it’s like. The more ethical content on this spectrum is less likely to be negatively affected by greater exposure of the fetish, and I think that should make us question he commonly held belief here that exposure of our community would be bad for making content more rare.

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bad, i’d have a lot less burp contests

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