IRL vs Fetish sites

Top of the day, my BFF family. I just had a random thought, that I felt like venting to you all. I was thinking of all the females that have actually burped for me during the whole time period that I had the fetish. What I’ve found really peculiar is, out of 40 + females that have burped for me ( mostly contests) in my lifetime… none of them were from any fetish site. They were a combination of females I’ve met on the chat lines and females who were my personal friends. The crazy part is on the BURP FETISH forum… it’s hard to get a female to burp for you even if she claims to wanna show them off. There was even a young lady who said she gets turned on by male burps… but said no thank you when I offered to send an audio clip. The only females from the BFF who actually have worked for me are the ones who are content creators (which I have to slow down on because I have been spending too much money) but the feeling doesn’t compare to a female who does it just because she wants to here you tell her how good she is at doing it. My one phone buddy, Bethany LOVES when I describe how certain Burps sound that come out of her. She loves how I say ( that one was you yelling at me, or that one sounded like a frog, or that one was extra sexy) When I give her feedback, she does even more without me asking. I think I’m done believing females when they say they have the fetish or they love to burp for male friends. Sticking to the females I know IRL is not only guaranteed, but they do it for free


I sadly have not much experiences with girls burping for me Irl, the only experiences i have is hearing a few girls burp but it was not for me just they had to and just did.

But i do agree with what you are saying. I also think the feeling when a content creators burps is indeed a lot less then someone who just does it for you and not for money.

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Yeah there never has been that many women here. I think that’s just the nature of sites like this one.

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