Jock Foot Productions- Burping Videos!

Hi everyone !

I’m the owner and creator of JFP and wanted to say hi and introduce myself to the community. I plan on posting video previews of future burping and hiccup content here, all male! Recently I’ve been lucky to find more guys who who are excited to burp, eat and burp even more! We have a slew of new jocks lined up for the holiday season, and 2024 looks even more promising!

Here is a compilation video I recently made of guys I’ve filmed burping:

I will post previews and if you want to buy the full clips, please head to our store at

If you ever want a custom video of burping, please email or dm me. We currently are about to film Jonathan in 2 weeks in LA, and he will def be doing some burping stuff!

Please feel free to say hi as well. I’m new to the forums but open to discussion. If I’ve posted in the wrong section, I would appreciate a moderator letting me know and I’ll correct it :blush:

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Glad to see you here! Would love more content like the first video (without the giant theme/extreme closeups).


Your guys are really good!

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Brad is the type of burping I want to hear. Very loud on command burps. Burps you can’t walk away from.

If that guy in the first video can do aggressively loud burps, I would buy in a heartbeat.


Hi Thez! And absolutely - I plan on filming more burping videos that are JUST burping, without macro elements. If you all prefer no dialogue either, let me know. I’m open to trying new things to improve the content. I myself love men who can just burp away, especially on command. If there are extra things you want added (close ups of the mouth, any verbal dialogue) also let me know!


Thanks so much desertbelly! Appreciate that :smiley:

Hey there burptage- I love LOUD on command burps myself! Jonathan is also king at this, I’ll try to post a preview of him today. As for Brad, he has another video where he burps and eats, and again no macro in it. Carson also does massive burps out of nowhere- the guy is a machine. Glad to get to know you!



Holy crap! Can Jonathan burp like that on command?!

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Jonathan is known as “the LEGEND” in the gay fetish community haha- he took a break, but when i say he can BURP - he can BURP and is excited to prove it.

Not sure if youre into just straight on BURPS and BELLLLLLECHES- but Jonathan told me verbatim: “Yup, I’ll just fly down to LA and film with you for 3 days and stay with my girlfriend when we’re done working.”

When I asked him how often he can burp, he said “Oh all the fucking time. I just BURRRAPPPPPPPPPP!!!” I about fell out of my chair!

For those into seeing how muuch he can PIG out on (Halloween being a perfect time), the man is a BEAST— he said “I can eat 3 orders of McDonald’s chicken McNuggets, two large fries, and LOADS Of halloween candy. And of course anything else you need bro.”

:face_with_spiral_eyes: :face_with_spiral_eyes: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Our first order of business on day one— To take Jonathan grocery shopping and let him buy what ever junk food he wants to eat and show how powerful he is when he starts BURRRRRRRRRPPPPING.

I am an extremist when it comes to this fetish. I’ve been into guys burping for over 25 years. One burp here and there will NOT suffice. I donnot do TikTok videos. I do long form burping and TRUST ME- you will not be disappointed haha. At least I hope so.


Just straight up burps and belches are my thing. That is my favorite.

Idea for a video would be a roommate that could burp exceptionally loud. Walk around the house naked or with clothes and say stuff like, “Dude… this is nothing” while he burps. Maybe even catches on that you might be into it :stuck_out_tongue:


IM into the SAME sort of thing :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That chillax, doesnt really bother me BRRRUPPPPP “Oops, my fault bro” type of masculine, grungy skaterboy type edge.

I was lucky getting Jonathan as I have a strong bond with - and he and I have become best friends since 2018 (we make each other laugh like no other) and we will find a hot guy and then swap out.

Since Craigslist and the dawn of Only Fans, it is much more difficult to get dudes to do this. But I’ve been circulating since 2015, and was broke for about 5 years until I was finally able to profit and make this business my full time occupation AKA the Jocks doing this are WAY more expensive then they were even in 2018.

Money aside, convincing them helps by having an established base of 90+ other models I’ve accumulated that many interested jocks recognize, and therefore are comfortable doing it. I also scout out on Instagram, Twitter and now am fortunate enough to have guys message me for work (Carson being one recently).

I encourage you all to let me know what you want to see in terms of camera angles, food consumption, if they guy has to talk a lot or not. I’m used to the macro community and was trained well on what they liked, and what they didn’t. I consider this Burping Community a new bond of new friendships and I will do everything I can to get clips that we ALL find so hard to get.

I myself was frustrated scrolling through the endless amounts of barely 10-20 second burp compilations, shot in bad lighting, with girls giggling in the background. BUT Believe me, I don’t give up. I figured if I can’t find this content, I’ll film it myself haha ! And well, here we are :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I am so glad to be part of this community and will continue posting future content. All I ask is that you please contact me with permission to use any content you buy that you want to show to others BEFORE posting it. And please refrain from posting full length videos of my content, because it costs us sales and sadly, we also scare off the models that thought the videos they were making were just for JFP.

But the GREAT News is that based on your own insights, I promise and vow to deliver the BEST solo male burping content you’ve ever dreamed of. Starting by having the fortunate bond with Film911 and others to provide incredibly beautiful men (Brad and Carson came to ME though haha!) But my God- Austyn. He was and is still, the most beautiful of men I’ve landed my eyes on with my camera lens in quite some time. And yes he is eager, can burp on command, playful and only 22. So get ready. This is only the beginning. :100:

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What are his burps like? I was curious. It only had the .gif I think.