Looking for a sugar daddy… and selling burps

Hey babies :wink:

I’ve introduced myself a million times before but I’m 19F and trying to put myself through school. That being said if anyone on here wants a girl they can spoil and in return hear some burps and get some other spicy texts then add me on Snapchat and let’s do it. I use cashapp for payment. I also have the fetish so I like to talk :wink:

I will not under and circumstances show my face and clips will be audio only, no visual.

A few of you asked if I’d sell anything or want to receive without sending anything in return, I’d also sell individual audio clips so add the Snapchat for that too and just text me saying what you’re there for.

This post is:

  1. Retarded
  2. OBVIOUSLY written by a man

I mean ok but the guys who saw my tits might not think its so obvious that I’m a man

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Let’s hear those guys opinion then

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lol my experience was I added her on snap and tried to just be genuine and make a connection to see where things go with it cause I didn’t know what she was looking to do exactly… she got mad and deleted me very quickly because of whatever I said, which wasn’t anything weird or creepy just simply trying to get to know her a bit. No titties or burps to be seen :joy:. In my experience, probably a waste of time.


Well well…

Pretty sure the OP made a post in the personals section before, and in that post she said that she doesn’t burp at all, so I find it a little weird that she’s offering to burp now. It looks like that the post I’m talking about either got removed or edited, but I’m pretty confident that I saw it recently.

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Wow :rofl:

Was she trying to get you to say or offer anything in specific?

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If it’s who I think it was he wanted me to show my face which I don’t do

That post is still up the only one deleted is an old one about discord as my discord no longer works

I did not even ask for anything yet… but anyway it’s not that deep lol. The fact of the matter is there are plenty of women who engage in this community who are way more open to actually connecting and being outgoing / providing really good content. If people are going to pay for a connection in this community, it would seem that there are many better options, based on my experience going nowhere. It’s not really worth arguing about, I’m a genuine person and I don’t go out of my way to make anybody feel uncomfortable. Feel free to add her if you want, but I think paying someone for limited Snapchat communication that didn’t seem very engaging to me, would be a waste. And as it is, I didn’t even get to hear the girl burp lol.


I put in the post exactly what you’d be getting from me and you decided to reach out, not wanting to take no as an answer when you asked for more. I’ve been 100% honest about who I am and what you get from me if you choose to buy something. I just decided not to talk or sell to you because I felt you asked for too much given my post. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I appreciate u ! <3