M/29/straight looking to share burps with women (trans-friendly!)

I record belches from time to time but like sharing them 1 on 1 too. No need to share anything personal, I’d just like to share my burps more, fulfill requests, and talk the fetish in general if you want! Drop me a DM if interested, or post a snap below for me to add you. :smiling_face:

You can also just add me yourself if you don’t like this platforms DM or chat functions.
Snap name: br4dzr4d

burp sample


couple other places to hmu if you’re not on Snap!
Disc: br4dzr4d
Kik: bforbelch

I mentioned it in the audio chat but any girl that wants some free burp requests or a can chug + burps should definitely hmu :eyes:

Was just propositioned to be flown out to a hotel for some random who offered nearly 1k to burp for them. Please don’t send me stuff like this, even if you say it’s “nothing sexual”. It’s a strange breach of comfort that I hope nobody else putting themselves out there has to deal with.

You down for this with male (me?)

Sorry, I’ve tried before and it just work for me personally! Hope you can get what you’re looking for elsewhere though :pray:

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Quick bump to mention I’m on tele too! HMU if you like bellies, burps, farts, expansion in general, drawn/animated expansion, inflation, vore, pregnancy, padding- I like a lot of stuff lol. Ladies only (nb ladies/tgirls included obv). Free burps for y’all, love to hear about what got you into the fetish(s) too :heart:

Tele name: @BR4DZR

Ah, so you got that request too? Not gonna lie, I was flabbergasted. To each their own, of course, but it was really sudden, totally out of left field, and there’s no way ANYONE should do that sort of thing with a total stranger.

Here’s to hoping you get much more managable and less creepy requests from here on out!


Made an X account for posting vids and burp clips. felt this thread would be appropriate for sharing! No face of course. x.com