Meditating on heirdom

I am posting a topic for discussion without expectation that any authority will arrive or consensus will form. I encourage you to likewise not take this too seriously.

When I was, let’s say, eleven, one of my mother’s cousins died. I was called on - with others - to help empty the storage unit that he had packed with personal items. I ended up with a starter coin set, but - on the whole - the hope of finding something vanished further from view at all the mundane stuff we moved into a dumpster.

Within the last couple of years, I have confronted the realization that my porn collection will represent a similar pile of trash to anyone who survives me. At this time, I don’t need to hide it, so it’s in a single folder (on each hard drive) called porn. That way, no body accidentally sees something unexpected. When I was a youth, I hid them deep in the appdata folder. Maybe that time will return if I am sent to an elderly care facility.

In fairness, it’s not impossible that someone shares my fetish. It’s not as though I’ve broached the topic with my parents. I probably could, but I live far from them. Christmas vacation isn’t a private enough time for the mutual comfort to disrupt the scripts we’ve settled into.

If I want to talk about the varieties of inhaling air, I must do it here. If I want to discuss the videos I’ve paid for access to, I must do so with you. I’m partly in a contemplative mood because I’ve nearly filled up my working computer with porn. I’m obliged to cut them shorter or delete the merely average videos. And so, the three recent posts about selling access to collections that, by implicit or overt agreement, should be for exclusively personal use, inspire the question

If I were to die and be so gauche as to name an heir to my stash, could I make a meaningful choice that my executor could arrange transfer to ?

If time is kind, this site or a successor might still exist then. The network’s need won’t disappear, even if this effort flounders, as I feared when the original, unsecured ftp closed off or yahoo shuttered its groups. Anointing Q or the equivalent site runner seems the simplest option for the executor. I should hope, though, to describe some heuristic to identify someone like dittodood or rapha who has made a hobby of editing videos for community consumption. Better, of course, to express gratitude while I am able, rather than in a far future. I do, however, acknowledge that this person might not share my specific taste.

Or, if I were to turn this around and pretend that I am that executor, using this account as a sock puppet for a dead friend (or, forfend, partner) - holding my nose - would I get a statistically significant answer if I asked for a straw poll of who contributes most to the community ?

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I have no idea how to do it, but there should be a way to send a link to a folder via email if you haven’t logged into your account in 1 year.

You can also schedule emails in gmail, but it’s pretty morbid to postpone it each year.


Even Google doubts I’ll live this long

I guess you could do it like leaving any other thing. Your will could say that this person gets your computer while other people get the other stuff.

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