My late friend

I’ve mentioned before on here, the one and only burpjob that I’ve ever had. Well, I’m gonna post the female that gave it to me. Shes no longer here with us but she would love to be bragged on for her for her skills. She blabbed to her cousin and told a few other people, so she would definitely love for it to be known on here. This is a video her teasing me with a pickle. She used to remind me what she did to me, to try and get me to go visit her sooner


She’s making me feel horny🙄

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Ever since she passed away in 2020 I’ve been overwhelmed with grief… sometimes just tearing up whenever she comes to mind. Then there r other times when I watch her videos and listen to her audios because I feel horny thinking about her.

I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing memories.

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You’re welcome dude…and thanx

Another one Alicia sent me