My quest to understand this fetish

I really want to try to understand the burping fetish as best I can from your guys perspective but in many ways it is very difficult to imagine. I have been thinking a lot about certain aspects of the fetish and particularly the psychological reasoning or differences there maybe between someone without the fetish and someone who has it. So really I am just going to put pen to paper as it is and put my thoughts out there in the hopes of some more interesting and valuable insight.

If my boyfriend and other people I’ve talked to about it are anything to go by, seeing or hearing someone burp can be extremely “stimulating” for someone with the fetish. I don’t really have much to compare it to because there’s really not much anyone could do around me that would be able to have that same intense arousal effect on me without me knowing it was a sexual thing… And generally the only time I can have such intense arousal is by watching porn or foreplay/sex with someone.

I feel like if I had a fetish like burping or some other bodily function that was spontaneous, out of my control, and something that people just naturally did in public without them having the slightest idea that their completely non sexual action was completely sexual to me and had a strong arousal effect, that I would feel somewhat overwhelmed, even anxious or embarrassed at myself despite naturally reacting that way. In a way it takes all the control away from myself and puts it in the hands of someone else, potentially a stranger even. Do you ever worry that someone might find out about your fetish and somehow use it against you? I mean they would have to be an ass hole, but there are plenty of those kind of people out there. The power to illicit an arousal response in someone by doing something as simple as burping around them seems like it could be a nightmare in the wrong hands, I can see why most people keep it as one of their most closely guarded secrets.

But at the same time I can see how in any case it must be an irresistible thing to be around when it happens, what kind of thoughts and feelings come over you when one of your friends does a burp you find really arousing, or what if it’s a stranger? Is it always a good feeling or can it be negative? Does it feel completely natural to you or is there an acute awareness that it isn’t quiet the usual response most people would expect? I mean, does it make you think about sex in a somewhat usual sort of way? Or is it compartmentalised so that rather than arousing you in preparation for sex, it is more just like an all encompassing thing that just makes you aroused solely for the idea or thought that you just want to see more burping, which just feeds again into more arousal, then more thoughts about burping etc etc. Does it have much effect on what would be considered the usual sexual response? Do the usual things about sex and other peoples sexuality still have the usual sort of arousal effect? If so, if you had to choose between having sex with your dream partner without any burping OR watch your dream partner do your dream burps in front of you while you masturbated?

One thing that strikes me about the burp fetish is the arousal stems almost completely from the act of burping, usually mostly the sound, rather than any personal or human sort of interaction, but don’t get me wrong I understand having a personal connection with the person or more interaction with them as they burp can also increase the arousal so I am not at all trying to make out you are some kind of robots lol. It is just kind of interesting and cool that just hearing a burp you like can be enough to get to climax in some cases. Which makes me wonder what kind of thoughts, ideas and feelings come over you as you get aroused by burping. I guess for me when I am aroused I think a lot about the person, or how I feel about them, my emotions can play a large roll even if the input from my senses is 100% to my liking. But I get the general idea that sensory input, particularly audio, when you hear a burp plays a pivotal role in maintaining and increasing that arousal for you guys. Is there any particular thought, idea or sensory input that you need to concentrate on as you masturbate to burps? Or is the reaction so intense that without even concentrating on anything in particular your body simply reacts kind of independently of your conscious thoughts? When I put some of these questions to my boyfriend one of the things he mentioned was “Having a burp fetish is like having a button he can press whenever he wants that is able to bring him to climax faster than anything else ever could.” To him it seems that his arousal response to burping is completely independent of his other sexual feelings and love towards me or anyone else for that matter, it’s just as if he has this super power that essentially means he doesn’t require anything actually considered sexual to be able to have what he claims is a better orgasm than anything else ever could, including sex. And I am kind of envious of that, because sex, arousal, getting to climax for me is not what I would consider easy or simple, or at all guaranteed under any circumstance.

One thing I find comfort in is knowing that to him, and I presume many others with this fetish, when he watches burping videos or when another girl burps around him I know that from a sexual perspective the only thing he is interested in is the burping, I am even comfortable watching burping videos or talking about burps he likes with him as it also helps me understand him and his fetish better as well as makes him happy.

I try to put myself in your guys shoes and just try to imagine what it would be like or how different my perspective on life, relationships/friendships, my outlook on sex would be, and what it would really be like to be aroused by burping. But it is exceptionally difficult to get much of a sense of what it would be like at all as it seems to be almost completely subjective at it’s core. The only thing that I keep thinking about is what the world would be like if everyone had a burping fetish, and surprisingly this idea seemed to give me a brief glimpse of insight into what I can imagine your perspective might kind of be like. Just imagining this seemingly mundane bodily function which is usually considered slightly gross or impolite as something that everyone viewed as overtly sexual almost turned my brain inside out. I mean how crazy would that be lol, if everyone had to deal with being aroused in public, potentially by strangers or their close friends every time they heard someone burp the entire sexual dynamic of the human race would be completely different. So I when I try to think about it and understand what it must be like from your perspective. Although most of you keep it a secret from all but your sexual partners, just the simple idea of burping being a sexual thing, something you guys have dealt with your entire lives, to me seems like a completely different world, a completely different experience, something that to most people would just seem completely ridiculous, to the point that if I didn’t know any better and someone tried to tell me that there was even 1 person in the world that I could make orgasm simply by burping in their face, I would surely think they were being stupid. But its even so different from a non burp fetish persons perspective that I doubt anyone would even be able to come up with such an idea independently of actually meeting someone with the fetish or being told by someone about it. I would go as far as to say that if you asked someone to guess as many fetishes as they could (without help from google) burping would be somewhere way way way down the list, despite the fact that as far as fetishes go it is definitely one of the better ones from what I have learned. Like honestly to me you guys hit the jackpot with this, especially considering how rare it is. I would give anything to have a fetish like this, it’s like you have access to something extra and extremely rewarding that 99.99% of people couldn’t even imagine. It really is remarkable. And I know to you guys it just seems normal, and just as I could never imagine what it would be like to have it, you can never really know what it would be like to not. In my case, and the case of everyone else it’s a classic case of “You can never miss what you have never had” but trust me, you are the lucky ones, imagine not having your burping fetish for a few moments if you can… See how very drab life seems… Yeah well that’s how it is for most hahaha, I get the feeling that it would be like seeing in colour all your life and then suddenly without your super power fetish everything would seem black and white in some sense. I have seen some posts here and there about people not being happy about having this fetish, even as far as wanting to get rid of it, and though of course I understand how complex it must be to figure out or how you may feel isolated, weird or different because of it. You should see it how I have come to see it, as a miraculous gift. It doesn’t make you weird or different in a bad way, it makes you actually special and actually unique. A marvel of the human psyche. And I don’t believe this is something that can be learned, taught or even conditioned, it’s just too complex and to me it seems like it requires a fair bit of upgraded hardwiring in the brain so most likely you are probably just born with it and will die with it. No one can take it from you and no one can claim to award it to themselves. That alone should encourage you to embrace it.

Lastly I really wonder a lot about your senses of hearing, or at least how your brains process certain sounds (namely burping). As I understand it, the sense of hearing is not commonly associated majorly with the sense of arousal. More commonly the visual sense and the sense of touch are the main ways which people seem to take in and interpret their sense of arousal with the outside world. I suspect only a minority slice of fetishes use sound as the major focus of their arousal. And even as far as fetishes go I have been very intrigued and struck at how big of a role hearing and the sound of the burp plays for you guys. I suspect your senses of hearing are more acute and finely tuned than most people’s, the way my boyfriend put it he is able to zero in on certain sounds within a burp, what to me just sounds like a loud and fleeting bunch of noise I forget as soon as it passes me lips, to him and I suspect to most of you is multi dimensional, layered, perhaps even offering some sort of insight. One of the things that I found most interesting and cool is that it is extremely obvious to you guys that no 2 burps would ever be the same, even from the same person. And even more interesting is the fact that some of you claim to be able to easily identify someone you know just by hearing them burp, despite the fact that each one of their burps is apparently easily identifiable as unique. This revelation doesn’t seem to be much of a big deal to you guys, in fact it came as a surprise to my boyfriend when I explained to him that most burps sound a like to me, especially my own burps haha picking up on the slight variations of peoples burping is not a skill most people have, and to learn it would be fairly challenging considering most burps last less than 3 seconds and are then never heard again. I feel like it would take a life time of listening to every burp from every possible person you meet as often as possible to even begin to build up any sort of reference points or gain any sort of understanding of the acoustics any particular persons burping to be able to hear burping on the same level that you consider normal. When I think about it I couldn’t even begin to imagine what a good burp sounds like to you, sure it must sound vastly different to what I am able to hear. It must be something really quiet out of this world to be able to hear something in such a way that it literally makes you want to orgasm, surely it is absolutely incredible. I would be very interested if any of you could even give me a slightest bit of insight into that aspect of the fetish because at it’s core that seems to be what drives the arousal response and is the bridge between the act of burping and your minds, and it is the thing which I think sets you apart from not only normal people but basically every other fetish and it really is completely subjective in that sense, i could listen to what you consider the greatest most arousing burp in the universe for an eternity on repeat and I would still be no closer to being able to share in that experience.

I hope some of you will find the time to read my thoughts and even give some insights and replies of your own. My entire perspective on this is only what I have been able to glean from this forum, the people I have talked to on here and my boyfriend (he is kind of useless when it comes to this sort of thing haha). So forgive me if I am totally wrong or off base about anything, please do correct me and give your ideas and opinions on the subject. At the end of the day, even with help from you guys, the mysteries of this fetish will remain uncovered until someone in the medical profession decides it is a subject worth spending their life researching and is able to find willing subjects with the fetish to aid them. I do not tend to believe the ideas of the Freudian psychology that seems to be pervasive still when it comes to ideas about fetishes, I do not believe for a second that you could develop such a complex fetish that has clear neurological and sensory involvement because of some out dated idea that your mother burped a lot when she was pregnant or when you were a baby, or that burping had anything at all to do with it. If it were so simple having a burping fetish would be endemic considering the rate at which pregnant women tend to burp. I am more inclined to believe its something biological, perhaps by coincidence or by some obscure set of circumstances during brain development. To me it seems much more like a sub set of sexual orientation, no one chooses it, we can’t change it, and it most likely is part of natural human variation, it’s just extremely rare for whatever reason but as this community demonstrates it is clearly a condition shared by many people across the world, and from what I can tell there isn’t any obvious shared causal links between you all, no obvious shared conditioning, it’s not distinct to a certain culture or environment, it seems to present in some non sexual but major way at a very early age for most, it can present in men or women and alongside any other sexual orientation or for some even other fetishes that may or may not be even slightly related to burping, and I believe any attempt to be rid of it completely would be like severing a limb. But it definitely warrants some serious research.

And I know to you all this must just seem like a normal thing, something you don’t really even think so deeply about. You may even think my questions and ideas are pointless and boring, not worthy of discussion, and that is fine. But for me as an outsider coming in, it is much deeper, complex and interesting that I ever imagined. When I first came here I thought I would be the one who had something to offer the community, but I have realised that this community actually has a lot more to offer me than I could ever offer.

I apologise if my punctuation or paragraphing is bad, never really been good at that. And if you have taken the time to read this, thank you.


That’s quite a lot to write there! some very insightful ideas in there, really made me think from the third person about what I’m really doing, and how really everything about my fetish can be boiled down to enjoying one very specific kind of sound.

Really it’s not as complicated as you think, there are not so many caveats and layers as you imagine there are, and there is no constant ticking reminder that I love it when women burp, it’s more objective than that, as objective as a sound can be at least.

Think of it this way, you listen to a piece of music, and you enjoy it very much, so you look for music in the same ‘genre’, that’s all burping is, a ‘genre’ of sound we enjoy a lot.

There are sub-genres, different artists, styles and instruments, there are different ways to record it, different levels of exclusivity, live performance, etc… a lot of music culture is comparable to burp fetish culture.

And as for how you get into it, there are two major patterns I see,

  • impressionable child has an experience with another person, looks it up later after being interested and it goes from there.


  • skip the middle man, impressionable child finds burping video on the internet and it goes from there.

I’m the first, it was a classmate and I was only 8 at the time.

The second was especially common in the very early days of YouTube, where shock videos ruled king, and nothing is more shocking than a girl ripping a huge burp as you can imagine.

I’m very appreciative of you for having the bravery to explore your boyfriends fetish, he must trust you a lot to tell you something as personal as that! Tell him I said congrats!
Also thanks for sharing! Very insightful.

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For me it’s mostly always been about just being attracted to hearing the sound come out of a woman, and being impressed that they can do it on command

Going to try my best to be concise here while still answering your questions.

I mean, there are many fetishes that we are kinda just unaware of. Women wear sandals, crop tops and the works out during the summer. There are quite a few foot fetishists out there and belly fetishists, but even not wearing a bra under your crop top and having your nipples poke through can be really arousing to see. I really don’t mean to sexualize people though or take their power away. I am not maliciously sitting down waiting for people to burp so I can get off to it, or coaxing them into burping for my pleasure. I just find it attractive.

I worry sometimes that people will discover my fetish because I feel like it’d ruin the current reputation I try my best to uphold and my participation in a forum like this could ruin my career choices. Most of us, at least from my experience, can hear a burp and admire it for a bit (like seeing an attractive person on the bus), but not really lose control of arousal over simply a burp.

With that, I want to add that in my experience, men seem to be more physical in their arousal whereas I need to associate feeling with it or context. Like, if a straight man sees an attractive woman, their dick just goes hard from arousal. I only really find dick pics from my boyfriend attractive because of who I associate them with and the thoughts of what I want to do to him. Burping is sort of the same way.

It’s really hot and endearing when people burp, but the context also effects the attractiveness lot. It is not simply irresistible when anyone and everyone does it whenever. If someone like your partner is purposely trying to be sexy knowing about the fetish (an in an intimate setting) then its a lot different than casually hearing a stranger burp on the street.

Sometimes I feel really guilty about having the fetish, it feels disgusting and I wish that I could get rid of it. From that I felt really uncomfortable about burping around people and for them to burp around me for the longest time. It makes me think about sex as much as seeing something physical that would turn you on. It’s not like an all encompassing thint that makes me aroused for the thought of more burping. I would like more burping though lmao. I would choose to have sex with my boyfriend without any burping. I wouldn’t even care if he couldn’t burp at all and haven’t even told him about my fetish for years. We have a great relationship and a healthy sex life.

The arousal does stem from the act of burping and its sound, but you’re exactly right that the personal connection you have to it enhances the experience greatly. It’s like seeing a random woman’s tits (hot) or the tits of the woman you love (hot and associated with strong feeling).

When I masturbate to burps it needs to be both visual and auditory of course. I can’t just get off to a voice clip. Preferably porn involving it or sexual context with the burping, but it can also just be a video of someone burping. If I don’t have that then I fantasize about sexual scenarios involving burps.

I wouldn’t say that my hearing is great or that I tend to pick out sounds from a burp. I think that may be different for everyone. To me, it’s just a burp and either sounds decent or not. Some people tend to have a unique style or tone to their burps that is consistent if you hear their burps often enough. It’s like hearing a song from an artist and recognizing the artist by their voice or style. Since we find it enjoyable and we listen to it OFTEN it becomes more memorable for us. If you listened to burping and consumed content like you consumed music while engaged in it, I think you’d also pick up on the tones and whatnot. I really don’t know why it turns me on exactly. I am also really turned on if I hear my boyfriend breathe heavily or something too though.

You’re right that it doesn’t seem most of us have a shared experience, but the origin of our fetish is actually a really common topic discussed amongst the community. I like to understand all sorts of fetishes and kinks outside of this one simply out of curiosity and understanding as well, so I can somewhat understand (but I also know what it’s like to at least have a strange fetish).

I really hope this helps you, and you can ask me anything any time. I’d be happy to share.

Oh, I also thought it would be interesting to mention that burping myself also turns me on (and I’ve met many others here with the same experience.)


This is so interesting. I know that trained scientific psychologists don’t employ Freud’s theories anymore but I find them fascinating and agree with what you say about some of his ideas feeling vaguely correct on some level. If nothing more I think it’s a productive framework for literary, artistic, and social analysis.

What you said jogged two deep memories. About the trauma theory: I remember being extremely young, like 3 or 4, and telling my dad that my penis got bigger. I wanted to know why this happened. Dad, a repressed Catholic, reprimanded me pretty harshly for bringing this up. I don’t blame him, he was a young father and probably just didn’t want me bringing it up in public. But it is interesting that this memory has stuck with me. I also accidentally witnessed pornography far younger than I was prepared for it, the modern version of the old walking in on your parents having sex trope. Sometimes I wonder if that early trauma contributed to my developing a fetish. It took me until I lost my virginity to find vaginas appealing. I’ve also always known that I’m interested primarily in women. Strange things, our brains. Perhaps I channeled what would have been a conventional sexual attraction to genitalia onto burps.

On the other hand, I’ve known I like burps at least as long as I’ve known that I like women. Here’s the other memory: I was reading a Nickelodeon magazine, and there was some goofy personality quiz I was taking. One question was: “what would you rather listen to? A) opera B) loud shrieking C) gigantic gorilla belches.” I picked C without any irony lol, the gorillas aside. I just always knew that I enjoyed the sound of burps—it really took me until puberty to realize that most people really dislike the sound of burps. I thought every dude thought it was cool when a girl burped, and it grade school, that is largely true. But then the other boys moved on from that opinion and I held onto it.

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Ok, I will try my best to go over your thoughts and to add some of my own (as someone with the burp fetish).

You wrote about how you would feel, if you would have a fetish connected to sponaneous bodily functions like burping. Well since you can have an intense sexual arousal from watching porn, maybe you can imagine watching your favorite porn in public. Or with someone you don’t want to (like probably your parents). Would you feel embarrassed? Or just go over it and carry on? Because that’s what I do.
Of couse, porn is very common, whereas a burping fetish is very rare to cause sexual arousal, so maybe you would think, everyone else feels the same if they were confronted together with you.
For me personally, it wouldn’t be a problem, if someone tried to use my fetish against me. Even if they were very dedicated and I would get an erection, I can’t think of a diffrence to random erections during puberty.

With this you also have an answer on what it feels to me, if I hear someone burp around me. But sometimes I do have another thought on a burp I’m hearing. Since I’m hetero and only attracted by female burps, it just happens with women burping. But it’s more like a reminder to myself that I have this fetish, I don’t get detailed fantasies from hearing a burp.

I think your question on choosing if we rather want to have sex with our dream partner without burping OR would want to masturbate to our dream partner burping is very interesting. Unfortunately I can’t give an answer, since I didn’t have sex until now. But I’m interested how others would answer that dilemma.

As I stated, I’m only attracted to female burps. Therefore I can’t say that it’s just the sound of a burp that turns me on. If I know that a burp came from a woman (e.g. a video of it), I can get off to the sound of it. But if there is just the audio of a burp, I’m assuming it is a male burp as that is more common in our society.
And since I watched many videos of women burping, I would say that the act of burping definetly has an effect on me. I don’t want to get too much into the details of what makes a burp more or less attractive as it’s diffrent for everyone and would be too complicated for now. But let’s say that the presentation matters like in every other aspect of life aswell. Even though everyone likes another type of presentation.

I don’t need to concentrate on anything to masturbate to burps. I think a question like this could be asked in general. Does person x concentrate on anything to masturbate? Or more directly, do you? I don’t think that having a fetish (no matter what fetish) has something to do with this. It’s diffrent for everyone, and maybe someone has specific thoughts to concentrate on.
But for me, I don’t want to give to much attention on any concious thoughts, but rather live in the moment.

The next thing you mentioned were the thoughts of your boyfriend on this fetish. I totally agree with his assumption that the burping-arousal is independent from other sexual feelings. But I would say that the combination increases both. So your thoughts on a personal connection would go with that.

Your thought experiment, what if everyone has a fetish for some gross and impolite sound, seems like a comedic part to me. I don’t mean that in a offensive way, but in fact there is something considered impolite that gets a lot of people aroused. Getting undressed.

And yes, since this fetish is very rare and doesn’t have an ordinary explanation (like a foot fetish, google it if you want), of course not many people would name it, if asked to count as many fetishes as they could.

The point that every burp is different, is obvious. Because no two persons are the same either, not even ‘identical’ twins. And I would say the ability to tell the differences between burps comes with training. Just like a car mechanic who could analyse the differences between two motors.
And if you want to know what a ‘good’ burp sounds like, again everyone is different. I think I once saw a topic on this question though, but wasn’t able to find it now… Maybe open a new one, if the question still needs to be answered. (bc i think not many people will find these questions in a text this long)

Some finishing thoughts:

I understand your interest in that fetish, especially if you don’t have something to compare to it. Because it is the same for me with other fetishes. I will never look at feet like a person with a foot fetish. I can imagine that someone is attracted to it, because I’m attracted to naked boobs, even though that’s not considered a fetish, because it’s more common (or maybe this is wrong and everyone attracted to women has a built-in fetish for their bodies, idk).

I probably could write more on that topic, but I don’t intend to write a book, so that’s enough for now. If I made any assumptions or generalisations on anything that has to do with sexual arousal, I’m sorry, but I have just my own perspective, so please share your own thoughts if you disagree.

That’s quite a wall of text, but also I find discussion on strange sexualities fun and interesting, so I’ll throw in my own thoughts.

I have a lot of fetishes, but burping is the one I’m most embarrassed of for the exact reasons you talked about. It does feel awkward having friends that’ll burp around you, without them knowing that you’re into it. I really don’t want any of them to know just because there will definitely be an awkward tension anytime a burp is done.

I mean if the person in question is cute then yeah, ittl arouse me. I won’t be goin crazy in the moment over it, its more like when your cute female friend wears short shorts that day, and you think about how cute their butt looks, but you’re still polite about it cus they’re just your friend. I guess I would consider it more negative in that sorta moment, cus if they’re just a friends I don’t really wanna be thinking about them like that.

I already stated that I’m into a lot of different stuff, so I’m probably not the best litmus test, but yea I’m pretty aware that I’m not normal in that regard.

I still like the usual stuff, yea. If I had to pick tho, I would want my dream partner to burp while I watched, mostly cus it feels like the rarer scenario tbh. I guess thats part of the reason I value the fetish over vanilla stuff, it’s harder to find.

The main idea that runs through my head when I hear burping is the idea that it’s sorta gross and taboo, something you arent supposed to do, so seeing other people do it so boisterously has that “this is naughty” sorta connotation. I used to be really embarrassed to burp myself. As I’ve gotten more into it though, just the auditory sensation really is enough for me. It’s like extreme and more literal dirty talk, and the more “show-offish” someone is with it, the more it arouses me. It especially is the case when it’s someone more attractive, not necessarily because of their attractiveness, but just because of the idea that someone beautiful shouldn’t be doing gross body functions like that.

It helps when you’re someone actually listening to the burps. I imagine to most people it’s sorta like white noise, as you described it. It doesn’t stand out as much. I’ve probably heard hundreds of burps in my lifetime now, and can definitely pick out different elements of them.

If there’s anything else in particular you want touched on, feel free to ask.


Just stumbled across this and found it super interesting, especially as someone who is interested in a critical understanding of the fetish and its impact. I’m particularly interested in your ideas about the fetish as a unique almost evolution in sexuality in a way worthy of almost pride since I’ve at times wondered if this paraphilic sexuality could be viewed as superior to the more standard expressions of (particularly hetero male) sexuality. But where I will offer a point of difference, I don’t think those that feel great shame or self loathing about the fetish are simply reacting against deviance, that they hate being difference. Instead, I’d argue that the overwhelming, unknown pleasures of eructophilia constitiute a kind of nonconsentual pleasure that one must voluntarily react against ethically. In public, it’s as if a stranger suddenly stripped naked and while you could take pleasure, you know it’s right to overt your eyes even if it’s an entirely internal judgement. So you’re reacting against yourself since the other party can’t know the significance of their action and thus can’t consent to being an object of pleasure. On the internet this takes on a different dimension. While there are many talented individuals creating (mostly paid) fetish content, the majority of free content is from people who are unaware of their burgeoning fanbase calling for more burps from them. While I can’t claim to be innocent of this culture, it strikes me as a frightening violation of consent, especially when these (frequently quite young) women create entire online personas around creating this kind of content before realizing that they have essentially become unpaid sex workers. Most of my feelings of discontent at my fetish come from this sense of violation which perhaps can only be solved by some form of disclosure, but most here know that disclosing our desires to unsuspecting content creators will dry up the free content well. Perhaps it’s the only ethical action though?


I think the premise that it’s some kind of out-of-control intense instant arousal is a bit flawed. Or at least it’s not that way for me. I think it’s hot the same way I might find it hot if someone has a nice pair of tits or toned forearms or they’re able to go deep on some nerdy topic. I enjoy doing it the same way I might enjoy showing off the guns after I’ve been building muscle.

I think it’s pretty common that way for people to find stuff sexually attractive even in public, it’s just that you can’t turn into a cartoon wolf with your tongue hanging out every time it happens. You need to control it, you need to have boundaries, you need to not act like a junkie desperate for the next hit. You need to recognize it’s a silly weird thing (like most sexuality) – ironically the more shame you have, the more likely you are to make it seem like a huge deal and come off like a perv to people. There are people I’m close enough to that we talk about sexual stuff, and they know I enjoy burping, it’s just like “yeah it’s a weird thing I’ve always found hot, sexuality is weird huh?” and it’s not a big deal. They got their own weird kinks too. The first time I had a conversation like that it was eye-opening how little of a deal it was (btw that’s something therapy helped me out with a lot, talking about this kind of stuff for the first time with someone who was guaranteed to have no judgement really was a game changer).

As far as the origin I think burping can tie into a few different things – relief, loss of control, confidence. Relief from a bloated belly, makes you feel good, something you’re desperate to do basically as soon as you’re born. Loss of control which is a huge part of a lot of sexual fetishes, things like stuffing where you can’t control it and maybe you’re even embarrassed after it happens. Confidence in being willing to go against societal norms and make yourself known loudly. Maybe even just an aspect of physical prowess, being able to belch like a dinosaur for ten seconds is impressive.

As far as it being an auditory stimulus, there’s definitely stuff in the same ballpark like sneezing and hiccuping. One that I’ve heard more freely admitted is accents, there are definitely people who get horny over a particular accent or a particular depth of voice or something like that.

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Guys according to ChatGPT:

Burping is a natural bodily function, but how it is perceived can vary based on the person’s intention behind it and their body language. For example,
if someone intentionally burps loudly and displays confident body language, such as standing tall and maintaining eye contact,
this may be perceived as attractive by some people who find confidence appealing. However,
if the same person burps loudly but displays uncomfortable body language, such as fidgeting and avoiding eye contact,
this may be perceived as less attractive as it conveys a lack of control or self-awareness.

Similarly, if someone unintentionally burps softly and displays apologetic body language, such as covering their mouth and looking embarrassed,
this may be perceived as attractive by some people who value humility and consideration. However,
if the same person burps unintentionally but displays dismissive body language, such as shrugging it off or ignoring others’ reactions,
this may be perceived as less attractive as it conveys a lack of concern for others or disregard for social norms.

Overall, the perception of burping as attractive or unattractive is subjective and can vary based on individual preferences and cultural norms. However,
how the person displays their body language can play a significant role in how their burping behavior is perceived.


Lol not bad

My understanding of burping n command as a source of sexual arousal is more focused on people who can burp on cue and have the ability and tenacity to shamelessly create burps whenever they want. So, the ideas of vore, gluttony, chugging, etc. are foreign to me.

The fetish for me is like pornography in that it creates the illusion of intimacy. Regardless of whether the air swallowing burper wants to be funny, express dominance, or deliberately appease the fetish of paying customers; the burper is inviting us to a rare and intimidatingly close experience. It’s not that different from when a porn star disrobes. We are invited to watch a person transform into a burp factory, just like a bodybuilder would reveal how their muscles contract and make a human into a transforming work of art. The burper flexes his muscles to gulp air or inhale it through abdominal vacuum motions, and releases the air with precisely the right tone to impress others on purpose. But, the purpose is rarely to stimulate the fetish crowd.

I remember in high school and college being confronted by people with the talent of charging their stomachs with air and belching it out. Then I felt ashamed, because the reaction of people around me was either contempt, laughter, or applause. But, I had the urge every time to run away and masturbate as the scene replayed in my head nonstop. Why am I wired do differently?

Can this fetish be diminished or turned into a “side kink”? If we find out how to manage this fetish or marginalize it as something that will never play out in conventional intimate relationships, the mysteries of the fetish can be unlocked.

What if I learned to burp on command? Would that be the cure? Would burps be no more arousing to me than if I heard a cough or sneeze? Or would it make things worse?

But, as a person that loves on cue burping, I haven’t had the self control to tame it. So I keep seeing our content and reading all the BFF Forum posts from others like me.

What if we restricted out content consumption to onlyfans, Chaturbate, and other pay per view content creators? Would people wh just burp to be funny and gross stop turning us on?

How could something most people find funny or gross be my biggest turnon?

Sorry for providing more questions than answers, but you all got me thinking about how this stuff happens. Thanks!


As to why some don’t see it as a super power, it can feel like a non consentual action done to you.

It’s cool and all when you want to “get things done” and being able to achieve that quickly and consistently, but when you don’t, it’s gross.

You mentioned arrousal from traditional things like sex. Just think of your most arrousing situation for you to be in. It would be awful if some gross old man at the grocery store did it to you without warning and no one else even notices. I don’t want to come off as dramatic but violating is the only word that comes to mind. It’s very much not a case of “I’m mad that I liked that” and very much a case of “I did not like that ewewewewew”.

About the sense of hearing. I absolutely have a strong sense of hearing and have always been able to tell burps and people apart. We can usually tell what video a burp is from just by the audio.

My friends and I did an experiment where I had to tell them apart by their burps and I got it right every time. That’s the first time I realized I could because it just seemed natural and never thought about it.

For me, what’s going through my mind if I choose to think of anything at all is a scenario involving the burping I’m listening to.

Other times though, it’s pretty much “no thought brain empty” lol.

Another emotion like fun, if you like rollercoasters, being on one just makes you feel the emotion of fun and it can be addicting.

Funny things to leave off on. There have been some things that sounded like burps that weren’t actually burps that made me physically flinch due to my brain being like “THATS A BUR— oh nvm” in a fraction of a second. I always get a chuckle out of that because why is that a thing lol

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