New here, have some sort of burp fetish

I’m glad I found this forum, because it feels inappropriate to discuss in-depth about burps anywhere else, but here I feel more comfortable about it.

I’ve had a burp fetish since I was a little girl. Even at as young as 5 years old I’d rewind and rewatch burp scenes in cartoons on videotapes. I’d also draw pictures of people burping. Obviously I didn’t do this all the time, just when I was in a “burp” sort of mood.

Burps still fascinate me as an adult, although I don’t tell anyone this. I like to masturbate while watching people burping on YouTube, although I am very picky. I don’t find forced burping fun or appealing, I much prefer burping that sounds more natural. I tend to skip the loud obnoxious burping videos of people screaming out their burps. It sounds too fake. I don’t burp myself but I can easily make burping sounds by clenching my throat tightly and forcing out air from my lungs. That is not a real burp.


Glad you’re here! Nothing to be ashamed of - I think you’d be surprised at the number of seemingly “normal” people who also have unusual kinks. The human mind is strange and eclectic in its tastes, but at the end of the day it’s all in good fun. Also among kinks, I think this is a pretty innocuous one.


I so relate to you in the drawing people burping and in the kind of videos
I watch. People who burp with pride naturally and sometimes on command but not the obnoxious kind
just long rumble or if they hide their talent and act mysterious about it really does that for me :slight_smile:
I wish you the best fun here


What kind of things are you looking for on the forum, besides people like yourself who are into burps?

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I’m just looking to discuss in-depth about burping without feeling like it’s inappropriate. This is the best and most appropriate place to do so.

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I find YouTube frustrating when looking for burps. It’s either full of medical videos on how to ease indigestion and heartburn, or full of people obnoxiously doing fake burps that are too loud and annoying. I prefer genuine burps that don’t involve any force. I always say that a forced burp isn’t a real burp. Real burps are ones that come from the stomach and taste of the contents of the stomach. Not ones that are breathed in or gulped down and forced out by the lungs and muscles. Doesn’t feed my fetish at all, just makes me roll my eyes and find another video.
Also when people on YouTube start talking in burps (or quickly saying a sentence in one big burp), I find that unfunny. I prefer it when people burp accidentally while talking or are burping after drinking soda but not at desired times.

All in all, the less control over the burp the better it is.


I’ve also had the burp fetish since I was very young. Probably since preschool age. I remember many, many scenes from cartoons and shows I watched as a kid.

Do u enjoy natural burps even if they’re really loud, or do u just prefer the small interrupting type burps?

If a loud burp really sounds natural then I enjoy it. There was a YouTube video of this girl called Evie somebody who was doing the cola no burping challenge but kept failing and letting out big, relieving burps that weren’t forced at all. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be on YouTube any more but that was probably the best video of big burps I’ve seen.

Otherwise I mostly like smaller burps. I don’t like the big, roaring burps that are forced by muscles. It just doesn’t impress me. I could easily make that exact noise without any actual bodily gas involved.