Nikki Wong

Hey guys,

It’s Nikki. I wanted to come back to the community and say a few words:

I’m not too sure how to go about this but here’s my best shot.

If anyone is unaware, I, Nikki Wong took money from some members of this community and did not give the promised product to them back in 2019.

I am deeply sorry for ruining the trust I had with the amazing people I had with on here. I know that taking peoples money and not providing the product promised is a huge spit in the face, and I am not here to make any excuses. What I did was inexcusable. I was in a bad place mentally, not being able to get out of bed or talk to anyone, including the people who ordered custom videos from me. It got to the point that my partner had to step in and help me return money to the people I was putting off.

But that was no excuse to put off my work or the people that trusted me with their hard earned money. I am truly ashamed of what I did and the damage it caused to my patrons and to the community. I take full responsibility and I am committed to making things right. I am ready to do whatever I can to set things right and make up for my mistakes. I hope we can work past this and I can come back to this wonderful and amazing community with open and understanding arms. I’d just love to come back to this place that was so warm and welcoming and start over again.

All the love,

Nikki Wong


just make some content baby and you shouldn’t have too much trouble.


Welcome back
Realizing the problem and being able to admit there was one and working on a solution is the best thing to do, so good in you for wanting to make things right!
Hope everyone welcomes you back with open arms.


Out of all the burpers I’ve encountered, Nikki you have always been my number one favorite, so this is a dream come true to see you willing to come back :blush:.

We are go through really difficult times and make mistakes, and I echo the comment above, I hope that the community is warm to you and welcomes you back! Personally, I am just happy you are doing alright and hope you continue to prioritize yourself and practice mental and self-love!

Welcome back! :smile:


It is good to see you again~

To know when one has made mistakes, intentional or not, is important. To want to work to regain the trust lost is admirable. I hope you’re in a better place mentally and emotionally – it can be exhausting to fight that battle, but it can be done.

I look forward to seeing your work once again; the custom I got from you still sits as one of my absolute favorites, so I’m excited to get more~


Welcome back, Nikki! The timing of your return is kinda funny because I recently pulled out one of my customs of yours from my archives and remembered how good it was.

While you fulfilled your obligations to me, like you said others may still be put off. Owning up to your mistakes is admirable like others have said and I also hope you’re in a better place, mentally and physically, to be able to be part of this community.


Welcome back Nikki :slight_smile:
Thank you all for accepting your mistake and hopefully things have improved for you <3
I think I speak for everyone when I say that it would be amazing if you would make videos again.
But as long as you feel comfortable about it


I’ve missed you Nikki. Damn, it’s great to hear from you. We used to email each other all the time and u kinda disappeared off the radar. You are a very sincere human being. None of these others females ever admitted they screwed people over…they just take the money and go into hiding, and you never here from them again. Glad you’re back :heart:


You’re brave for coming back, that’s respectable


Glad your back your awesome we are here for ya

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