Not getting as hard as I used to

Anyone else feel the same, I’m currently 29 years old right now and I noticed im not getting nearly as hard as I used to. This is the first time I’ve noticed and I want to know if anyone else is going through something similar

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I just turned 27, and I have trouble at times too. Nothing to be ashamed of. Have you thought about getting a testerone shot? Maybe the fetish is wearing off a little bit

In all likelihood it’s psychological.


I’ll agree with Q. At your age, I’d say I’m pretty certain it’s a psychological thing as erectile dysfunction is not expected to play a role yet.

As stated before. There is no shame in asking; in fact, I commend you for doing it.

I would understand if you cannot afford to go to therapy for this, so maybe reading some literature about the topic could be useful.

Have you experienced performance anxiety (placing expectations on how well you need to perform sexually)?


The worst thing about getting older for many people is that it takes longer to get an erection. But, once fully erect, it seems like it’s easier to stay fully hard even after orgasm.

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Yeah I definitely feel its psychological, I recently started dating a guy who has more experience in bed than I do. He has certain expectations and its making me feel a little inadequate.

He’s not pressuring me but we have talked about sex and whatnot and I think it might have gotten to me a little. I never really had to think about this before so that could be the other thing.


Yeah, that’s another thing actually that people don’t tend to talk about. Anxiety can have a real effect.


It’s the only park of the human body that is able to get hard when the human it’s attatched to is relaxed and secure. Anxiety is its worst enemy.

I know it will get better as you get more confident and relaxed in this new situation.

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Ok so I jerked off and I went soft in the middle of it so its definitely a problem. I’m gonna try and not masturbate for awhile and exercise and see if theres a difference

I’d also go without sexuality for a day or two. It might be because sexuality has become habit rather than because it’s something you actually want to do.


I’m not a qualified doctor, but I’m in my late 40s and went through a bout of perceived ED during a long period of life stressors and such before getting back into consistent workouts and exercise. Psychologically, experimenting with an additional kink factor here and there also helped spark things for me.

Haven’t had issues getting hard since. Nor tried TRT.


Went through a similar thing recently and it got so bad that I’ve more or less lost my libido for a month. No morning wood, wouldn’t feel like masturbating for days, struggled to maintain erections. I was seriously considering getting my testosterone checked, but then I figured out that I was just stressing out a lot about some underlying issues in that relationship that were not being addressed. It’s best to talk about these things with your partner if you can.