Not satisfied with regular burps anymore

Is anyone else not really impressed with a singular regular burp anymore? Like anytime I see a guy do a regular standard burp it does absolutely nothing for me.

The only exception I’ll make is if its a celebrity or a guy I have a crush on but other than that.

If a guy isn’t letting out a absolute monster burp thats at least loud and long I don’t even get turned on in the slightest.

For me the best video would be either a guy burping on command repeatedly letting out big loud burps or just a guy thats just gassy and just keeps burping repeatedly.

Anything less than that is just not that exciting to me. I can’t stand going into a video for a burp just to hear a guy do a no audio burp or a light muffled one. Honestly not even worth an excuse me at that point. It needs to be audible and it needs to be loud and long.


For me, it has always been the on command burping thing that triggered the fetish. Regular burps are sort of like a sneeze or cough to me. It’s an accidental thing. There’s just something about the act of gulping/inhaling air and releasing burps on purpose any time that drives me crazy. The burps themselves don’t have to be contest worthy. Even the smallest on command burps do it for me. I suppose that’s why videos where they edit out everything but the burps do nothing for me.

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I’ve never been into small or average sized burps. The overall impressiveness of women ripping massive belches is key for me and I can relate in the sense that my bar for what I percieve as a “hot” belch has progressively risen over time.


I’ve never been satisfied with small or accidental burps as well. In fact, I’d go as far to say it annoys me.


With small or regular burps, it definitely nowadays has to come from someone that is attractive. And by attractive I mean attractive to me. There are many girls who can have huge burps and they won’t be that attractive to me, so it doesn’t really do much. But then there will be girls with a normal or small burp but they’re really hot so that means the burp is hot. There’s like a ratio between if they’re hot and how big/small the burp is

my bar has gone down over time as ive watched less? taking a break will likely increase yall’s enjoyment


I think the answer is here

In particular, on the paragraph that begins with “As the brain adjusts in this fashion,…”. My personal opinion is that V is right: if you stop for some weeks, the bar will return normal and you will be able to enjoy more, both of burps and, who knows, maybe also of other things in life? But obviously I can be completely wrong and this is not your case at all.


I probably should’ve specified that I don’t really have a problem where I’m at right now. It could be better it could be worse, but I just saw this post and thought about it and realized I definitely have a more defined definition of content I like to enjoy rather than a broad spectrum

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real life burps will always remain hot, even if it’s the same girl that’s been burping around you for the past few years. that feeling in your gut will never go away when she randomly rips one around you


If it is a real life burp from one of my girl friends or someone in public then yes a singular burp is still highly impressive to me, even if it is a small burp. But in those situations I am not going to be getting as aroused sexually or go off and wank to it. It is a different type of satisfaction to what I look for in a burping video.

But I agree, when I want to wank and watch burping videos though it is a different story. Small or weak burps or videos with just one or two burps throughout will just not do it for me, they are not able to satisfy me. Generally the only thing that will work will be deep, long burps one after the other with little to no talking or anything other than burping in the video.

And in contrast to seeing a burp in real life, this time I am highly physically aroused but I feel some dissatisfaction in my mind, I crave for the same feeling I get when I see one of my friends do a burp in real life, even though the burps maybe weaker.

I am curious to know if it is similar to you, if you see a friend or someone burp in your real life so you still feel nothing? Or like me do you feel a different kind of satisfaction?

god it’s so much better when its personal? you know