Not watching someone for burps only to find out that they burp

Have you ever watched someone whether it be a twitch streamer, Youtuber etc; and you watch them because you think their funny or entertaining, and then out of the blue they burp randomly and you’re not expecting it and its a big surprise because you never expected them to do something like that.

Just recently I stumbled on this guy who rages while playing video games mostly warzone and he is very entertaining especially when he rages so I initially got into him through that. Then one time I’m watching his stream live and he rips a huge ass burp seemingly out nowhere and then continues as if nothing happened. He has done it multiple times on streams and its extremely hot.

I was honestly not expecting him to burp so loud like that its amazing. What makes it funmy is I never even knew or watched him for burps. Its just nice to be shocked everynow and then.


Been happening to me alot lately. Well, it’s been jaifor about a Year now. Ever since I created my TikTok account, I’m always hearing a female burp while scrolling through the lives. Some are big, some are small, some are deep as hell. The most recent case was when I met this chick 2 weeks ago on TikTok. She was going live and as soon as I opened her live, I heard a deep, disgusting, loud burp, but didn’t see anyone on the screen. I heard her do 3 more almost identical to the first one. She came back to her phone to check for comments. Well, let’s just say she texted my phone as recently as yesterday morning and told me she missed my voice lol

Not too often with burps persay, but I can definitely say it has happened a few times with woman getting the hiccups.

there’s so many girls on tiktok i follow cus they’re hot, or have big tits etc. and some have ended up burping like megnut, the girl i made a thread about, and others. also a few of them have done the sprite challenge too, seeing a girl you’ve been following for a while cus you just find them hot, and then they just burp too, is so sexy

its a good recipe to operate on i do the same thing. follow the girl because shes hot, if she doesnt burp no harm, not why i followed her to start. if she does burp its a win win.