Origin of Fetish

Hi everyone, I’m a long time lurker here, and I just thought I’d finally share my story and see if anyone can relate.

I was always grossed out by burping growing up, and I would cringe or say “gross.” In school, there was a pretty girl that used to always burp on purpose, and she knew that I hated it. One day, she let out a really long burp followed by a sweet moan/sigh of relief. She then looked over at me with a smile and winked. I swear at this moment a switch flipped, and going forward I became aroused by it. I guess her being very pretty combined with the sexy moan plus her just basically asserting a level of playful dominance over me with that wink really did me in as a hormonal teen.

We all have such different experiences. I wonder if any of you have something similar of being “flipped” like that? Anyways, nice to meet you all and glad I finally decided to post here


Hey man! Welcome and very cool first post! I’m fascinated by the fetish psychology as well.

I almost didn’t post because my answer isn’t what you’re looking for, but again, I like telling the story because I think it’s intriguing how all this develops.

When I was 7 or 8, a girl who lived next door did a huge, bassy burp when we were outside playing. And she was my age. It didn’t turn me on because I was too young, but it obviously made an impact because I still remember it to this day. And she ended up being one of those “burpers” in middle school and high school. I actually used to train cross country with her but was always too shy to bring up burping.

Over time, I realized by high school that the hot girl burpers in my high school were WAY hotter to me than anyone else. I’ve been lucky that I can maintain sexual desire and interaction with non-burpers so that’s never been a problem. But it all goes back to my childhood for me.

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I think sexuality is often linked to certain types of ‘abuse’ as we go through life. Shocking or unpleasant kinds of situations sometimes flip that switch and it becomes something sexual instead.


I definitely agree with this for some people.

For me, my mother burped quite a lot and she was what we would call “good” at it but it absolutely disgusted me. And now here I am. Haha.


Do you feel like for you it was something about breaking the taboo that did it for you?

That’s how it was for me. I used to be grossed out by girls burping and farting until I was 8 and saw Nabnut the Squirrel from Banjo-Kazooie. My first fetish was bloated bellies/giantess, so I think I suddenly saw the appeal of releasing gas by the association with bloated bellies. But after that I realized that as I grew up I developed more fetishes from something that I fiercely denied liking. I used to be stuck-up about people drinking and getting high when I was in high school. Then suddenly I realized I liked it because I associated it with women letting loose more as they would be more likely to belch and fart out loud without caring. The idea of cuckolding/being cheated on was something I fiercely was against in my college years, but then when I got into intoxication I suddenly developed a liking towards that too because of the association with intoxication and sex. It was basically a domino effect for me where I was like “Nah that’s gross” or “nah that’s weird” and then being like “oh fuck wait I like that”


Q I think that’s a good explanation. In this case, it had to be combined with other regular sexual triggers (pretty girl, moan).

Celestial, my mom did burp a lot too, which was gross but probably did play a role

Mack, it must be something about the tension from being made uncomfortable eventually turning into sexual tension, kind of like how Q described it


Paraphilias are one of the few things Freud was actually right about


I honestly don’t remember how exactly I got into burping as a kink. I just always seemed to think it was a fun/silly thing when I was a really little kid. I even remember trying to learn how to burp on command when I was younger. All I really remember is that I was probably in my early to mid teens when I started finding women burping attractive. And it was always about the sound & the act of doing it that got to me. Just hearing something so gross & male dominant proudly come out of a woman. I would occasionally look up burping videos on YouTube, or ComikZone, or free samples from Clips4Sale. Kinda wish I could go back & revisit those days cause there are some videos I haven’t seen in years lol.


wow, your story is a brutal origin, the thought of the girl burping and then moaning and winking sounds like the sexiest flirt in the world.

I can relate a bit to your story, I have always had a weird “feeling” about burping since I was little, I have never been able to burp and still can’t to this day. Just the word burp made me feel weird, it didn’t help that my mom, grandmother, aunt and sister all burp a lot. I never got excited about their burping, I just felt disgust and discomfort. something silly, is that it even made me uncomfortable or “disappointed” to see a character with which I identified burping in movies or series hahaha.

Everything changed when at the age of 12 I met a super cute girl who could burp long and loud, God I remember the good times I had with her.


Yeah, it was an unbelievable feeling when I first got turned on by it that day.

Same here, I can’t really burp and am generally more reserved. There must be an opposites attract component at play, though of course for others it’s the opposite of that!


I’ve been attracted to burping for as long as I can remember. It probably helped that the first girl I ever had a crush would burp a lot. Very loud and proud. I remember as a kid looking up burping videos on YouTube and I knew it was a sexual thing cause I used to be afraid of my parents walking in and catching me even though they would probably have no idea it was a fetish. And yeah unfortunately my mom would burp a lot too, which always made me disgusted.

I had a similar experience of being unusually uncomfortable with people burping, but I don’t have a solid moment where a switch flipped. I remember when I was a young teenager and started using the internet in relative privacy, I would find myself curious about media where people burped, especially women, and I think I stumbled across the old forums from that though I don’t think I would have identified as one of them then. I wonder a bit if I had the fetish before then or if being exposed to that enviornment and that framing at a young age maybe shifted my perspective. Before I started actually looking for burp content, I was more interested in body expansion fetishism, something I mostly grew out of (pun intended) before I really started to seriously explore my sexuality, but I remember an animation called “growing hunger” that involved a lot of breast expansion/grotesque-bimbofication and also featured burping, and I’m not sure when I stumbled across that video on newgrounds or whereever, but I wonder if it’s before I really thought I had a burping fetish since it is a surprising overlap. Ultimately, I wish I could pinpoint that moment when things shifted for me, but I really just remember being uncomfortable with burping, and then in private that discomfort became a curiosity, and later down the line, I was getting off to it, so who really knows? I wish I did though.

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In terms of my early childhood there were a few probable triggers. my mother burped pretty carelessly for a few years in my adolescence, I think it may have been a particular acid reflux thing she was going through at the time because she’s never been one to burp openly since, I imagine I would consider her burps quite small by my standards now. This probably partly contributed to a weird complex I had with burping, I was deathly afraid of ever burping out loud myself for as long as I can remember, it was the most shameful thing I could imagine, worse than an embarassing fart, the indulgence of it and it coming out the mouth was just too rude of a thing for me to ever openly do. I was a weird shy kid in general so maybe that was it, but I basically trained myself to never burp. I wasn’t a no-burper, but I have never done it audibly outside of a handful of tiny accidental ones.
There wasn’t really a moment I can pinpoint when it became attractive to me but as I became interested in girls the appeal of them burping was just immediate, as ingrained as boobs or anything else. When I first had the thought of looking up girl videos online as a middle schooler, looking up them burping was obvious. I suppose something I denied myself became extremely indulgent and risque for the opposite sex. I think burping is a manifestation of the typical attraction men have for women indulging themselves and letting go of their inhibitions.


I was also disgusted when I was younger. My parents always taught me it was very rude, although I never burped myself for some reason. That’s right, I couldn’t burp until recently and I still can’t do it on command…
But then as puberty came, I would fantasize about guys burping while they came. Where did that come from? Especially when fantasizing about fucking my bully (and there’s something else that was weird, I wanted to hate fuck him, but with consent for some reason, I guess I always had a healthy approach to kink?). And then I kinda forgot about it until I stumbled upon the definition of this niche fetish. And now I’m back into it and still as horny for it as I was when I was a teen!