Patreon to publish an erotic fetish novel

Hey folks,

Recently I decided to revamp my patreon and focus on publishing an erotic fetish novel. I was thinking about it for the longest time and decided to finally do it. There are many people who publish random things online and most of them are crap anyway. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

The first story I’m revamping/rewriting is none other than the guidance counselor story that I posted on the original bf forum years ago. I’m going to deck it out into a full-length novel, as I have many ideas on how to mature it. I’ll be posting the chapters on my patreon. Future novels will be Miami MILF and The Masked Princess.

I’m also doing commissions again, though they are randomly selected each month.

The tiers are $1 - general support and also automatic membership to my private Discord.
$5 - able to submit your commission idea to be chosen each month
$10 - in addition to the above, your name (however you wish to be called - username or otherwise) will be listed in the acknowledgements of the published novel


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