Questions for on-command burpers with the fetish

You are privileged to have the skill to burp anytime you want. At the same time, you are aroused by burps and realize your burping skills turn others on who also are aroused by burping.

Do you keep your burping talent a secret or share it only with people you are intimate with? Do you show off your skills to encourage other people to burp back at you as in a contest situation? Do you burp loud and proud even if you know people with the fetish are listening? Are you aroused by your own burps and burp for your own pleasure? Or, do you just ignore the fetish and just burp to be funny or show off your skills?

I’m curious how you balance your own burping abilities with the peculiar fetish that you and others have.


I share if my partner has the fetish too
I have a topic to show off for you all (shameless plug) but no one has issued a challenge, good thing, im no champion
Better out than in is my philosophy, but i will always say, pardon me.
My small skill does nothing for me

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I used to only listen to women burp but the women I find attractive often didn’t have much talent for burping. I noticed I would often imagine the sound of my burps coming out of them and then my own burps started to turn me on. So a lot of times I listen to recordings of my own burps and get off to that. I do burp fairly freely out in public, although not necessarily forcing them out to be louder or anything.

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There are a lot of people with a strong burp fetish who learn to turn themselves on with their own on command burping skills. Since there isn’t much of a distinction between male and female inhales, air gulping, and belches, it does take a leap of the imagination to realized you are being burped at. Have fun!

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Well i like to show off for people I know has the fetish, with my partners I share that i have the fetish but I dont burp on them unless they want to or when im so horny that i don’t give a fk and do it anyways, but I try to not to unless I have consent, I used to get turned by my own burps

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Does it bother you when people bug you to burp for them because they are craving your mad burp skills? In a way, I am glad I cannot burp at will, because I know what it’s like to want burps sort of like a drug addict.

Why did you stop getting turned on by your own burping? Did it get boring after a while?

Well im not mad about it, I kinda like that, until they get annoying ofc, and well i used to be better and have more privacy for practising and release really big burps, but now I live with roomies and… well some things have to change in order to live in peace lol

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