Recording Screen

I was just wondering what the best way to record your screen are for live purposes?

Both on PC and on a phone.

Usually yt-dlp if it supports the site.

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I hear that obs studio is popular with some twitch streamers as a way to broadcast themselves and their gameplay footage.

Any suggestions if it’s not from a site and you just want to record your own screen?

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You could try something like this too if you don’t mind using the command line.

Thanks! For both this program and OBS, is it possible to make it so that only the audio coming from your computer is captured but not your own? Like if you’re doing a live with a model and want it recorded for example.

Try looking at ‘stereo mix’ somewhere in the sound options if you’re on windows. That records the sounds coming from your computer

OBS can distinguish between input (your microphone) and output (the browser showing the chat window). By not adding the input stream (or pressing the microphone button to mute it), your video should only capture what you hear through your speakers.

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You can use OBS or OBS Studio. Both work fine. but regular OBS is a bit more easy if you ask me. You can record your screen with only audio from what you are watching or playing. but you can also record your mic and what you are doing on your pc