Review of Seana

Hi everyone! I am somewhat new to this forum. First post but I’ve lurked for a while before creating an account.

I wanted to leave a quick review for @Seanatheburpqueen because she is crazy talented and also has an amazing personality. Her burps are next level. Everything from length to bass but volume is where she puts herself in a category that is pretty unmatched. Constant 4/5+ second, bassy burps that are ear piercingly loud. And she rapid fires them like a machine gun! :hushed:

Her personality is infectious in addition to her burping ability. I think she’s one of the most underrated girls here and definitely not discussed as much as I would think her talent should be!

My two cents!


Your cheque is in the mail!:crazy_face:
Seriously though, you’re the fuckin sweetest! Thanks for the glowing recommendation! Maybe you get some free burps, who knows! :smirk::smiling_imp::hot_face:


SHE IS AMAZING!!! Great burps nice and deep and long. She is ever easy to work with, and hot as fuck! I ordered a custom from her and it was worth every penny. She is the next up and coming female burper I’m calling it here! Such good burps!


She’s great. Bought from her and cannot recommend highly enough.

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Thanks so much!! :face_holding_back_tears::black_heart::kissing_heart: