Sabrina Raelyn

Many of you may remember this video:

I’m happy to announce that this girl, now 24 years old, has embraced the burp fetish and is making burp content for purchase. I got my first custom yesterday and it was awesome.

Add her on Snapchat: Sabrinaaraelynn
And here’s her Instagram page:

She’s new to this and is open to price negotiations.

EDIT: Before anyone complains, she personally requested that I put her name out there so she can get more business.


Snapchat is the best way in my opinion. She responds on there. The video was good. She’s extremely attractive and burps loudly on command by inhaling air. Not always consistently loud though.

Damnnn :heart_eyes:. Maybe if she used her assets (like Owlyxxx does in her videos) she would explode in business, I’m sure of it.

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I don’t have Snapchat, so I hit her up on IG.

I’ve tried reaching out to her through IG and Snapchat and haven’t heard anything from her yet.

She has responded to me on Instagram, although I did have to wait a couple of days for her to respond.

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It looks like she was possibly going to post some live video on YouTube

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Can confirm, at some time tonight she will be broadcasting live on YouTube and will be belching For tips. She just dm’ed me.

Trying to figure out what time thi

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I’m still waiting for my custom. I’m not going to leave a full review of my experience until there’s a resolution (or not), but let’s just say that my experience started off good…and then went downhill fast.

Well she eventually got back to me, but we couldn’t agree on a price range for A Custom Video so I had to take my dollars elsewhere

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Yeah, this is gonna be a hard pass from me. I’ve been burned before; it’s NOT happening again.


She charging 15$ a minute

I’ll be honest, she doesn’t seem to be very genuine. More just after $$. I hope I’m wrong.

Once she said $15 per minute I chucked deuces. Not even most cam fetish models charge that high. My advice would be that she open a store via Clips4Sale, ManyVids, IWantClips, etc. Otherwise she won’t be receiving much business

Yeah, not looking like things will work out, but ya never know.

Hopefully born2run and xvegasdudex get their customs.

Just saw her livestream only burped a few times lol and she said she will charge 15 dollars a min for personalized videos omg too much!!:grimacing:

I was able to get the livestream before she made it private; a little sneak peek of her massive burps :yum:

Burps are at: 8:08 and 9:41


If it’s taking this long for a video I would just ask for a refund cause obviously it’s too much on her plate.

Those are fantastic :heart_eyes: we need to persuade her to make stuff for cheaper than this $15/min rate…

I dunno if you will be able to lower her custom prices, especially depending on what kind of custom they are, but a standard video should be cheaper