Scammers In The Community

Unfortunately over the past couple of years we’ve seen our share of scammers infiltrate the community and not deliver. I say No Mas. In 2020 there will be no scammers coming here looking to make a quick buck selling burp videos and not delivering the goods. I don’t need to mention names. Y’all know who I’m referring too.

I don’t actually know who you’re referring to, because I am out of the loop when it comes to model burpers. I would like you to inform me on this more please.

Unfortunately I think that’s a risk that will always be present with amateur girls, there’s really no way we can hold them to their word and you’ll have to take that leap of faith for the sake of potentially good content.

I wasn’t referring to cam model girls. Just random girls who are trying to promote/advertise themselves on here. Long story short if they’re not verified I’d stay away from them. Just can’t take the risk/loss of money

That may be but I can’t risk my hard earned money. Just go with what works with who I’ve done business with before in the past.

Only bad experience I’ve had is that twerking girl on youtube. Don’t buy any of her custom vids. You pay $15, and you get a minute of her letting out a couple of unimpressive burps into her phone. And the whole “custom” part of “custom vid” is a farce, because you don’t get any say in what happens in the video, she just made it, sent it off and that was that.

The money ain’t a big deal. But it was goddamn annoying getting ripped off like that when I could’ve just spent that money on C4S or other sites with real quality work to 'em. I wanna support the independent cam people, but this was a really bad joke.

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Yeah, you do you bro. I’m just saying that the risk of being scammed never really goes away or can be controlled with amateurs.

Yeah. If any new girl comes along I highly advise they open a store via C4S and ManyVids, Etc.

I’d say it’s a bit more complex than just opening up a store, although in general that can be the safest. While she hasn’t made content for awhile due to being busy with school, etc., Natalie from the old forums didn’t (yet) have a store, but my experience doing business with her/chatting via instagram was fantastic. The big thing a casual sale has over buying from a store is that feeling like it’s something personal, almost like a female friend knowing what I’m into a doing me a favor. It has paid off entirely for me with other fetishes I have, and with burping has been mostly hit but occasionally miss as well. And I’ve been scammed twice by someone who has a ManyVids, and that’s TattooedRose/BurpingQueenRose. So having one doesn’t necessarily make someone more reliable if they also offer customs on the side.

Good point. I also have done business with Natalie on the old forums but in 2020 I’m going by the old saying If it’s too good to be true it probably is.

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I totally understand that approach and agree for the most part. I will say though that whether someone opens a store or not, there’s still certain behaviors to exhibit that can create a culture of trust. I know with Natalie, one was that she wouldn’t charge me until after she had made the video. And she was very open/cool with chatting about the fetish.

This is more for creators, but i had made a custom 15 min video for this guy and quoted him $200. I told him i didnt send videos without payment and he used his repertoire with another creator to say he wouldnt scam. After recieving the video, it was marked as read and he said he never recieved it. Creators, if you see this name…stay away!

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