Seana the Burping Queen!

Hi everyone! Seana, the burping queen, has arrived on the scene! My friend posted a video of me burping really loudly on TikTok and a lot of people messaged me so I decided that I would start selling videos. I use the inhaling technique and also know how to burp talk!

I have a few samples of my burps on TikTok: TikTok - Make Your Day

I am also available on Instagram and check it periodically throughout the day. This will be the fastest way to get a hold of me.


Please check out my price list for what I offer!

Longer videos will be sent to you via email with google drive.


$10 per minute (General request)

$15 per minute (Specific requests such as burping specific phrases)


$5 per minute


$2 per burp



I only have around 7 videos uploaded since I just started but I plan to upload consistently and plan to upload a video every single day for the first month and no less than once every other day after the first month!

Payment Options:

I take both PayPal and CashApp. I will provide this information to those who are interested in making purchases. For those sending money on PayPal, please send using the friends and family option. When sending money to me on either PayPal or CashApp, please take and send me a screenshot for proof of payment and then I will send you your video via GoogleDrive.

Safe for work only! I do not do nudes.


Here is the link to my OnlyFans!

OF Link: OnlyFans


Its very impressive, so loud and long, I’ve signed up for the OF to support the journey!

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Welcome to the community! Excellent post with tons of info. We love to see it!


I’ll wait for reviews of the onlyfans to come in, but wow :ok_hand:

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Great inhales!

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Hopefully i can prove myself worthy! :smirk::kiss:

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Welcome. Those tiktoks your friend posted were always some of my faves.

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Out of the 8 vids you have on OF, do they include the ones you already have public on tiktok? How long are they? Just one burp each video or have you posted any longer ones yet? I’m very interested but skeptical on the amount of content so far

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What i post on insta and tiktok are the same, typically! The OF videos arent available anywhere else! They are made specifically for my OF page! Hope this helps!


I really hope I’m not jumping the gun here or being too critical, but hoping my review might help.

I took a chance on this one and subscribed, first onlyfans I’ve subscribed to ever so I really don’t have anything to compare to as far as content goes, however the amount of content and specifically the duration of each video is underwhelming. Is she good? Yeah good enough for me to take a chance since there are no others providing any reviews. The claim was made a video would be posted everyday for the first month and the every other day starting the new year. I’m disappointed to say her last post was December 31st. The free content from tiktok/insta is about just as worthy for now. I don’t know if onlyfans is meant to be more of a marketplace but I would think a monthly subscription would get more than what is being offered. I haven’t decided if I will renew or not, but just wanted to give others an opinion.

Seana, I’m sure you will see this but just wanted to be clear I have nothing negative to say about you or the content, just the amount available isn’t quite there for me.

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I talked to her recently and she’s been really sick. Guessing this might have something to do with it. Hopefully she recovers soon and is able to post more frequently again.


Well I think at this point I will cancel.

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Apologies as i have been quite sick and havent been able to post, through no fault of my own, just physically not able to create content during the last week and a half. Unfortunately, i did and do have to put my personal health and wellbeing first.
I will be back it in the next couple days, and intentions to post extra to make up for the time away.
But im sorry you feel disappointed!


I can understand, I’m still subbed through to the 19th. Hope you’re feeling better :slight_smile:


I have a premade list to make it easier for you all to know what I have available. It will be updated as I make new content so check it out!

I’ve got 100+ now and post daily!:kiss:

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If you’re willing to give me another chance send me a dm and ill give you a discount for the month to make up for the first sub!
Apologies again babe!!:black_heart:

Yall really need to check my shit out!:fuelpump::rofl::eyes:

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