Search engine settings

I’ve changed the site settings so that now a few pages will appear in search engine results. Specifically, search engines will see the post titles from the Burp Discussion, Commercial, and Other Fetishes categories.

I’ve also changed so that people without an account can read posts here without logging in. Beforehand you had to log in to read anything.

The reason is just that for the long term health of the forums we probably shouldn’t be too hidden. We’ve not been losing members, but also not really gaining any for the past year or two.

We should still be safe from people googling their usernames and finding pages here since the Male/Female Media categories won’t be included in search engine results and that’s generally where threads about specific people are posted.

I remember some of you had some thoughts about this topic last time it came up so I’m making this thread to let everyone know about the changes and check this setup is okay.


I guess things won’t be too bad since creators or YouTubers can’t search their names, but I still think this might create more lurkers who could maybe drive people away

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I’ll keep it in mind and make some adjustments if there are any negative effects.

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At the same time, people just register and delete their accounts afterwards (and we ended up with a billion delete my account threads)


Yeah especially considering that it was possible to do it yourself the whole time but no one knew until I made a thread after my account was temporarily deleted