Share your burp stories

I’d like to hear in-depth stories about when you last burped or a time where you burped at the wrong time or whatever.

I prefer natural burps, not forced, so give me stories of real burps, like after meals. Have you ever burped louder than intended?

I’ll start off. My friend once told me that she had almost finished a big meal in a posh restaurant when she felt the pressure of a big burp coming. She had to go to the bathroom to let it out, because she knew it was going to be a big one. But when she got to the bathroom she could no longer burp but still felt like she wanted to.
She stood up straight and put her hand on her upper stomach where the big gas bubble sat, and concentrated on trying to bring it up. But it wouldn’t come up, so she gave up in the end and started making her way back into the restaurant. But as she did so she felt the belch rising again and dived back into the bathroom just in time for a big gross B-B-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-P-P!! That was better and she returned to her seat innocently, spared from the embarrassment.

Stories like this are what feed my fetish. I’m heterosexual but gender doesn’t come into it with burps so I’m not bothered what gender you are. But please, share your stories like this. I like natural burps.


This was fairly recent, a couple months ago. My friend was in town and wanted to go to the strip club for his birthday. It’s not my favorite type of place to go to, but as long as i’m with friends, I enjoy anywhere. He always likes to let me get a drink before we go somewhere to help me be more at ease and whatnot. Anyway, before the strip club, we go to Target and buy these like canned wines I’d never heard of, they come in 2 packs. So afterwards, we arrive at the parking lot of the strip club and get out the car. He tells me to drink the cans we just got. I don’t chug ever, but he told me to hurry up. So i chugged the first can down. And was surprised i didn’t burp or anything. And then he said drink the other one too. I said oh, alright. I chugged it down without any breaks. They were each like a little bigger than cans of coke. So then we start walking to the front door, but before that we toss the cans in a dumpster. The motion shifted my stomach, so I erupted with a huge 4 second belch, followed by more 3 second ones before dying down. I said, “There we go,” before we entered and sat down. One woman approaches me and we talk. We’re the same age, she mentions astrology so i ask her questions and make her laugh. She eventually asks if i want a dance. I agree and pay and we head to the private area for the dances. She said i had soft hands so she let me touch her however i wanted which was new compared to dances id gotten there before. And she was getting really into it and touching me however she wanted. :eyes: She saw my fiji water and asked if she could drink from it cuz it was so hot. I said go for it. And i’m sitting, she’s got one knee in my crotch area and shes towering over me. I look up to see her drinking the water and then i feel a belch come up from me so i tilt my head down and belch at her stomach. We just laughed after i said my bad. And then we continued our unusually intimate dance.

It was nice, I wish i remembered her name because she was cool and i was wondering if we went to the same high school.

The moral of the story is chug at your own risk. I belch a lot tho so. Here’s a couple of my belches that were similar to after i chugged the cans.

I’m a MAN btw

Burp 1

Burp 2


As someone who always always ALWAYS has to belch after eating or drinking, I kind of don’t even know where to start when it comes to stories about it :joy:

Just a few nights ago I was out at a bar and started feeling a big burp coming on, it must have shown on my face because a woman looked at me and asked if I was okay, probably thinking that I might be feeling sick. I couldn’t really respond right away because the air was literally coming up my throat so I had to blast out a 4 or 5 second long belch before telling her I’m feeling much better after that. She looked a little stunned after :sweat_smile:


Most recent one for me would probably be last thanksgiving. We have a big gathering of our extended family including uncles, aunts, and cousins. I had only recently gotten back from college where I am not at all restrained with my burps and got absolutely stuffed during dinner. So after eating my family is sitting at the table talking and I feel a burp coming so I instinctually do what I do at college which is make it as massive as I can.

It comes roaring out as probably one of the loudest burps I have personally done and lasted for around 5 seconds. When it was done I felt really proud of how loud it was before remembering I was with my family. I turned bright red as soon as I looked around.

Luckily no one in my family really cares for manners that much as long as it isn’t in public (My immediate family burps at the table when we have family dinner) but it is still pretty embarrassing to let out an absolute beast in front of your grandparents and have them look at you in shock.


Thanks for sharing.

Today I was with my friend and she was drinking a bottle of soda. After a few gulps she went to drink some more but involuntarily done a big burp into the bottle. It must have made a reaction to the gas that was in the bottle because it immediately fizzed up and overflowed all over her face. It was actually quite funny because neither of us were expecting that to happen.

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