So Long (a delete my account post)

Hello everyone,

The time has come for me to leave the forums. I’ve come to a crossroads in my life, and I have to move on from the forums and from the younger man who stumbled on the forums in early 2008 via a random YouTube link. Thank you to all the friends I’ve made here over the years; you made adolescence a lot less lonely. The day that I learned that I am not the only one with this kink is still one of the best and most relieving days of my life. People with this kink go back a long way, at least as far back as 1785, and we will continue long into the future. I’m happy to have hit puberty right when the forums were founded; in many ways, it was the best time to be someone with this fetish.

That said, I look around the forums and I see that most of the people who I talked to 10+ years ago have long since moved on, and it’s time for me to follow them. I do this without any hesitation or anxiety in my mind. So, @mods, please delete my account at your earliest convenience.

Stay well and support each other,


It was a pleasure knowing you man. Hope everything goes well


Goodbye brother

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Oh man, now I want to know who was notorious in 1785 for indulging this fetish.


I saw one of his comments in a video and came searching for it on here, just to find out he deleted his account. Rip


There was a post on the old forum that described a prostitution house from the 1700s, I believe that is what he is talking about. The owner of the establishment apparently kept a record of what various men liked when they came for a visit. One of the visitors, a doctor, came in one day for his regular visit with a girl who the owner said had a talent for burping. He said something about how he peeked in the room to see what all of the burping was and saw the doctor sniffing the woman’s burps, breathing them in as if it was precious air or something like that.


Wow that is so interesting, astonishing!!

I’m quite sure people have been playing with their burps since the cavemen era. So it is natural to believe that there were some children that learned to become aroused by that sound similar to us. It is most likely a fetish that has existed from the begining.


I guess this, people get fetish to burp makes a long time