Starting to feel guilty about enjoying my friends’ burps

I’m not sure if this is just me but I’ve never seen it as a problem to enjoy burps that come from my friends, either if they know about it or not. (Correct me if I’m wrong) None of my friends know about my fetish since I’ve told maybe 3 people I know IRL and I’m sure by now they’ve all forgotten, but I’ve been thinking about it recently and it’s starting to hurt me from the inside because I’m not sure if this is morally right or not

If you disagree please don’t be mean about it

So obviously I’ve shared stories about my friends burping, because I know a good amount of people enjoy reading those types of stories, but usually I’ll take it a step further and I’ll record them for myself for a later time. Some people would argue that’s wrong and that I shouldn’t be secretly recording my friends burping, and some would say that’s fine. Either way, it’s starting to get to me a little bit. In this instance I’m talking about my close friends. I’ll try and leave out names for their sake even if they don’t see this, but I have 3 really close friends that I hang out with all the time whenever I can. It’s 2 guys and a girl. One of the guys and this girl are dating, and have been for like a year and a half, and I adore their relationship because I helped them get together. He’s been my best friend for 75% of my life and I wouldn’t want to imagine my life without him. Now I need to clear this that I am not attracted to his gf in any means. While she is cute and good looking, she is not my type. I mean she has a lot of tattoos, kinda short and has a little chub to her, but not enough to notice unless you saw her in like a bikini or whatever. But I can’t even lie her burps are pretty hot. I think I’m mostly just feeling guilty because it’s my best friends gf, and though I’d never take advantage of anything sexual with her, I’m feeling like the amount of burps I have recorded of hers is quite a bit. At this point it’s gotten to over 10 minutes worth of audio and while that may be impressive, it’s also probably sad. Usually how I get them is the 4 of us will hang out together at my best friends house, and us 3 boys will be playing games while she just kinda does her own thing in the same room either on her phone or laptop. Whenever we hang out, most of the time we’ll also drink just because it’s whatever, makes it fun (and yes we know how to have fun without it). Most of the time it’s just me and her that drink, because my best friend doesn’t usually drink that much, and my other friend doesn’t drink at all. She doesn’t normally burp that much when we are sober because for the most part she thinks it’s gross, but whenever we are tipsy/drunk she’ll just let them rip. She’ll even comment on her own burps with “oh that was a good one” or “that felt nice”, which to me makes it 10x better.

I have quite a few other one of my friends burps recorded too but not 10 minutes worth, maybe like 3-5 minutes worth max, but maybe I’m just overthinking this

Not to turn this into a Reddit thread but AITA?


I’m gonna say yes, recording them without their consent is morally dubious. It’d be one thing if you were writing stories in private, or just fantasizing even, but what if those clips got out, like through a hacker or something? Would you want someone recording you?

You might say you don’t mind (and I wouldn’t, I don’t think), but you don’t know your friends feel the same way. If we want this fetish to lose it’s terrible reputation, we have to behave more ethically.

I hope you don’t find this message too lambasting or critical; this is just how I feel about it.


This is a complex topic, and the truth is, I need to be extensive in this message that I want to give you.
I think we all know that feeling when someone we don’t necessarily like as a romantic partner is still attractive and we know it. My best friend from high school is a pretty attractive girl. She has light brown eyes, a narrow waist and wide hips, rounded breasts and is very pretty. And even though I am perfectly aware of that, I have never felt more than friendship from her for her.
Now, the central point is that, beyond friendship, I think you are violating a code of trust that friendship provides. When you become friends with someone, you give them trust and you expect them to reciprocate that same trust. There must be honesty and a sense of care for the other person. Of course, the problem isn’t whether or not you’re turned on by female burps. I mean, this forum exists precisely for that reason. The problem is that you are violating the privacy and trust of someone who appreciates you and sees you as a good person, by following a fetish and having sexual satisfaction.
You could tell us that, for example, here we show videos of people who don’t have the fetish and yet they burp and we like it. But, when you upload material to the Web, the factor of making it public is inevitable. On the Internet, almost nothing is hidden. And even if, we have no right to pressure people to understand why we like burps. That’s why it’s so disgusting and horrible to have idiots who just go around harassing boys and girls who don’t know about this and just suddenly burp and raise it for fun, regardless of the damage they cause for just a little excitement.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel like you are like that, but it is wrong for you to ignore that code of conduct and trust with your friend, and even worse, for you to make it public in front of a group of strangers who, to be honest, you don’t know how good people they are. . We know that there have been human scum here in the forum. People who should be in jail. We will not pretend that it is not so. If you feel guilt, then it implies that your conscience still exists, and you should listen to it.
Believe me. It doesn’t matter how sexy your friend’s burps may sound. There is a time and a place for everything, including this. There is no reason for you to think about the fetish at all times. It’s like people who take upskirt photos or photograph girls’ feet. That’s wrong.
So, yeah, stop doing it. You are better than that. You can search for more material here, we can help you and we can share and comment on it, always with a sense of responsibility and respect, but this is not right. Think about whether that good friendship, which could get hurt, is worth less than masturbating a little listening to audio of your friend burping. Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth it.
And if you feel that you are developing a certain diction to sexual pleasure, then seek psychological help. Thinking about burping shouldn’t get in the way of your personal relationships and projects. One thing is what we see, write, share and do here. And another thing is real life.
For yourself and your friends, stop doing it. Delete those audios from the forum, and stop recording. You’re not doing yourself any good. A few seconds of pleasure are not worth losing your friends


Ok before I sound like I’m backpedaling, or justifying my actions, a majority of the times I am recording is not specifically to capture her burps (I really should not have left this crucial information out but I did write this at work and it kinda flew over my head to include)

My friends are super funny, and I capture moments where we are belly laughing or crying laughing because those are gold moments. Usually I don’t tell them that I’m recording because I want those to be genuine good times, and not forced good times that we have. I’ve only mentioned maybe once or twice to them that I was recording, because we were playing games on our computer and we were doing stupid shit, but the rest of the times I don’t tell them so they’re surprised. I just happen to also save whenever she burps if she does, and keep them for myself. It’s very rare that I would record just for the burps, and that goes for my other friends too. Usually it’s them sending me burps and I just save them, and a very good example of this is an old friend of mine Anna. Though we aren’t friends anymore, she would constantly burp all the time and a good amount of times she would snap me back with that as a reply. Could that still be considered a problem? Yes, but I would hope that if they were to know about it, they would be more supportive than rude about it because they know I have no ill intent behind it, and would most certainly not share it with anyone. I always help my friends with anything and everything and though I don’t want anyone to think that this is a trade off, I don’t think it’s 100% morally incorrect, but definitely not looked up upon fondly.

I do agree that I need to stop, but it would take some time for me to sort that out. And that is why I came here to see what the vibe was, and I’m not disappointed with it. Obviously I can’t stop my friends from burping, it’s kinda weird that most of my lady friends are pretty gassy and there is no correlation of me being friends with them because they can burp, because they didn’t whenever we first started being friends. I honestly also don’t see me getting rid of what I have, but I do see myself eventually stepping away from the whole burping scene eventually whenever I can actually sit down and have a relationship with the one girl that I want, and starting a family, and returning to a somewhat normal sex life. (P.S. my phone is super secure and it’s the only place my stuff is saved at so I would deem it basically impossible to get hacked or leaked because I watch my phone like a hawk)

Thank you for the input though

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I don’t think saying “Eventually I’ll be better” is enough. Mostly because, you’re clearly not satisfied. Precisely, if you were, you wouldn’t ask for help and understanding here. And I’m not telling you that burps stop turning you on. That would be foolish, hypocritical, and in itself, there is nothing wrong with that. What I’m saying is, it doesn’t make much sense for you to tell us that something makes you feel bad, but also insist that you need certain external conditions to stop doing it. What are you going to do if the girl you love in the end doesn’t want to be with you? You can’t force her. And you can’t stop trying to be okay with yourself if she’s not with you. That’s not good for you. And it doesn’t matter if none of your friends find out. You are hurting yourself with this.


I understand what you are saying, and you are right, I’m just bad at wording what i really mean. I have already stopped trying to record her burps. Period. Yes I still record in the background for my friends and our funny moments, but I no longer go back and try and search for her burps afterwards. That’s a step in the right direction. Again it would be foolish to say “oh I’m going to stop immediately” because I can’t. Not saying that I haven’t put effort into not trying, but it’s like telling an alcoholic to just stop drinking altogether. Eventually they will once they start seeking help, but more than likely they are still going to try and sneak in a drink every now and then because that’s what they are used to. Same goes here. I personally have always been against going to therapy because I always try to figure stuff out on my own rather than paying someone else to figure it out for me. This is a first for me even opening up about this problem so again I would think this is a step in the right direction. Me and my current love interest has always been complicated for as long as I can remember, and that is a whole ‘nother problem in itself, but that’s not something anyone here can help me with. She’s currently away for military stuff and it’s hard to get in touch with her when she isn’t home very often and doesn’t have any/barley any phone access. The next time she’s home though I do want to see where she is stationed at because I want to start sending her letters, and see if that can help me continue building our bond together. The interest is there, and she even confessed it to me herself, but it’s just not our time yet, and that’s ok. Going back to read what I said definitely seems like I’m relying on her to get together with me to stop with my friends’ burps, but that’s not the case. As of right now I’m using content from stuff online to at least get me off my friend, and then once I can finally make it work with the person I desire to be with, be done with this fetish altogether.

I hope that makes sense

Only 3 things:

  • I don’t see it necessary that you have to repress the fetish. As I say, you are not doing anything wrong for feeling that way. I understand the feeling that maybe you should stop thinking about those things, especially when you’re with someone who doesn’t share it, but I don’t think seeing it as something inherently bad is necessary.
  • Seriously, consider the idea of therapy. People are fragile, imperfect and weak, and that’s okay, because we don’t have to be perfect. Receiving psychological help is very good. Your mind is a world that only you know, and unless you open it even professionally, you will not be able to receive help.
  • Beyond having faith in this person you expect, who from what you say is great, you have to start working on yourself. You need to feel proud of yourself. Do things that precisely give you the opposite sensation to what you are feeling now.
    That’s all. Please, take care of yourself

I’m not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing that I want it out altogether. That’s just something that I want. If by some rare chance the partner that I choose doesn’t mind it, then I’m more than happy to explore that with her, I just don’t see her really being that way, and that’s cool by me.
I have my other ways of therapy that I can enjoy, like example I’m really into stereo stuff so I used a bunch of money into upgrading that. I just don’t really like the idea of having an actual therapist itself, because I gave it a shot with my sisters bf who has a psychology degree and he gave me an insight of how it works and that’s just not for me.
And yes I have been working on myself. I did since the start of this year. I’ve been hitting the gym, committing to more things rather than just always putting it off and cutting back on the amount of school I’m doing and more doing my job which I love

I really appreciate you understanding where I’m coming from and caring about the problem and providing viable solutions, thank you

To begin with, thank you for sharing your struggle. I’m sure anyone reading this has and would sympathise, and also relates to many of the emotions you’ve brought up. I’ve seen among us many struggle with the fetish in relationships of all kinds. Most often we’ve spoken of intimate and romantic relationships, but less often has there been a discussion of the ethics surrounding the greater berth of our public relationships.

Simply, it is unethical to be recording the eructations of others without their consent and knowledge of the sexual favour they are doing for you in producing eructations. If your friends do not know you have a fetish and do not know you are recording them, it is unethical and amoral to do so. I know that has been expressed here already, and so I am also affirming it with my voice here.

There are codes of conduct and strict morals we ought to abide by as a community here. That being said, I’m sure most of us on these topics have not always behaved the most morally straight as we’ve grown up and integrated the fetish into our maturing lives. I know I’ve had my own share of grey steps along my path. You’re not alone, but you need to stop violating the autonomy of others. Keeping secrets is natural amongst fetishists, but secrets are a delicate balance. Trust others; do not let them live in ignorance. There are more who would love you for and despite the fetish than you know, friend.

Your deprecation of the fetish is unfortunate and I’m sorry you are struggling with it. But you have a fetish. There’s nothing wrong or changeable about that. If you need serious help integrating it into your life, visit a sex therapist. There are good people who can help alleviate your burdens. I hope our assurance helps. :smiling_face: