Stolen Content on Thisvid

I had a very lovely fan alert me to 10 stolen videos posted to thisvid . This is not the first time. I have noted the users who posted and commented. Anyone stealing and posting my content will be reported, blacklisted, and cursed by the meanest witch I know. Not a joke, your privates will shrink and ache constantly before they get infected and most likely have to be amputated. Its bad. Just don’t steal my content.

And to any of you who watch this stolen content and don’t alert me, the curse is coming for you too!

Thisvid is a menace. Its a safe harbor for thieves and abusers. I’m honestly not sure how it hasn’t been shut down already considering it is 99% stolen content and does zero age verification for the people in videos. I will certainly be making serious complaints to the appropriate federal agencies. That being said, dont be a scuzzball and watch stolen content there. Youre helping exploit creators, children, and others who have had their private videos stolen and posted. Don’t support places like thisvid.

Rant over.
Thanks to Jan for letting me know. Thanks to all the rest of you who also watch out for us creators. We really are normal people like you who just want to live our lives and do our jobs without being preyed upon :grin::heart_hands:


It happened to me too a guy whos name start with Dev reported me stole my stuff and blocked megood thing i dont post my great customs

customs you’ve made yourself?


Yea that goodness i didnt upload alot

You should comb as well for pirated content. The site essentially pirates all of a creator’s OF content.

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