Story #3

“BUUEEEERRRRRP!” Brittany belted out a burp in relief while driving her pink convertible car down the road. She had just finished a days worth of a modelling photoshoot and after spending the day trying to maintain her petite innocent appearance, it would be her satisfaction to let out the amount of air trapped throughout the day.

Suddenly the car came to a brake-down, prompting her to pull to park aside. Her modelling cameraman luckily was nearby and invited her to shelter inside until a tow truck could arrive

Being guided inside the house, Brittany was introduced by Lenny to the six other roommates, who were already sheepishly shy with her newfound presence. All seven of the guys had very awkwardly wimpy personalities that made Brittany in contrast appear well out of their league.

She quickly settled herself quietly to the bathroom where she could do her hair and makeup in the meantime.

While continuing to gently apply on more makeup by a mirror, Brittany could hear commotion coming from the other room noticing it seemed they were all burping competitively in response to one another

Feeling intrigued, Brittany shuffled into the room where she was met with quick moving silence and blushing faces in embarrassment. Despite feeling guilty they would even dare burp in front of a high class girl like Brittany, it would only be the first of surprises.

“Are you guys seeing who can do the best burp or something?” Brittany questions as she watched the group of guys stuttering nervously to respond.

Despite initially implying that no burping had taking place among them, Brittany was quick to break the ice by stating “she can burp way better”.

All the guys scoff at her, thinking in their mind there was no chance a girl like her could ever out burp them.

“If one of you boys can beat me in a burping contest, i’ll let you take me out on a date, but if you all lose then i get a prize of my choice”.

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