The silent things that trigger the burp fetish

The burp fetish doesn’t always depend entirely on sound. Some people can trigger the fetish by chugging a soda or eating fast, because you know a burp is the likely aftermath. Hiccups can also lead to some nice belches. If I am scrolling TikTok and see somebody that is appearing to take in huge gulps of air, I am instantly aroused. If somebody is doing the stomach vacuum exercise, I intantly associate it with the suck in method and I start to lose it…even if the video isn’t about burping.

What silent things activate your burp fetish?


anytime someone happens to cradle their stomach - or lay their hand on it. particularly when they’re drinking smth.
whatever they soothe, gas is the result


I love gulping


Obviously swallowing air, especially if it noticeably slows down or becomes harder due to the gas building up.

Tilting one’s head back while emptying a can of drink.

A look of momentary discomfort as the guy feels the pressure inside.

Looking into the middle distance/concentrating while the belch is making its way out.

Thumping one’s chest with one’s fist to help release the belch.


a couple things my friend does:
when we’re talking and she burps facing me, then carries on talking like nothing happened, it’s so fucking hard not to react
when she feels a burp coming and she inhales to help get it all out
she almost always raises a finger then places her hand on her chest, as if she’s signalling everyone to stfu so our ears get blessed with her gas noises
a few times after she burped really loudly she’d say excuse me in that high pitched voice cus of that one annoying meme, i found the memes annoying but it was hot when she did it (thankfullly she’s stopped)
just watching her drink soda at lunch gets me hard because i know what’s to come


i wanted to expand on the “watching them drink soda turns me on” point, it only happens irl or on a livestream of someone new that idk, it’s the anticipation that turns me on, a random girl doing the sprite challenge wont do it for me

for example i randomly came across this streamer, i stayed on the live cus she was hot and then she started drinking soda, i instantly got turned on in anticipation, not knowing if she’d be a hidden gem, or one of those girls that drinks and just never burps (which is the downside to this that ive come across more often than id care to admit).

im sure theres at least one person that would get turned on by this video like i did, thankfully i didnt get blueballed and she did end up ripping a couple juicy ones, all whilst her bf was sleeping in the background lol

and here’s just a random video of hers where i think she looks really pretty, i’ll play videos like this side by side next to the burps so to enhance the experience (she’s 18)