Thought it was Special

Don’t know if this has been a topic before or not. If so, my bad. Just wanted to know if anyone else has seen their customs that they ordered, for sale and out there for any and everybody to see? And if so, did you feel some type of way about it or was it no big deal to you? It’s a big deal to me. I understand that the content creator has to make $ by all means but damn… that’s supposed to be something special that I came up with.


That’s a big part of why, at least with me not being able to afford them right now, I’m pretty much better off not getting customs and I never have in the past either. In general I prefer to just suggest video concepts in the hopes that the model will make them, not charge me, and release it for anyone to buy, because I want people to enjoy the benefits of what my perverse mind can come up with and at the same entry price as what I’ll be paying. But if I were to buy a custom, damn right I’d feel angry and misled if she sold it on without my express consent. I feel the only valid way to go on this is for the models to specifically ask the custom-requester if this should be a bespoke one for them alone (some charge more for this) or for anyone to buy, before the order is completed.


when a girl resells customs that means I can potentially find things I might have ordered like voyeur and two liter chugs for the standard rate. I’m paying them to do exactly what I want, I don’t care past that.


But if you already ordered at a custom rate, why does it matter if you can find it listed at a standard rate? It’s not like you’re going to buy it at the latter rate.

Yeah I hear ya…but I’m not worried about the rate, I’ve just always thought of a custom as my own personal video, and other folks watch it if I send it to em or use it as a trade lol. But speaking of the rate part, I have purchased a custom for 20 and seen it being sold for $9.99

Well, I just threw that out there, about being able to share or trade if you desired to do so. I haven’t traded anything but I was saying I always thought of a custom as something that is for the person who ordered it and that person could do something with it if they chose to. Don’t know if that made sense to ya or not. Guess I’m newer to the whole purchasing part of the fetish than alot others. Not new to the fetish, but the custom part

Agreed. I never have personal details in my customs, so to me, I’m paying for exactly what I want and for my “idea” to jump ahead in line. I honestly want the creator to resell it because I want them to make as much money as possible. Keeps them in the scene longer.

Now for those that have their names and stuff in the clip, I can see the argument for exclusivity. To me though and what I tend to order, I couldn’t care less.


i’ve never minded it. I got exactly what I wanted from them, if someone else is likeminded and wants a video like that, at least they get to save some money. No big deal. I don’t really view getting a custom as something “intimate” or “special” like that, just something i pay because i wanna see it. That’s just my two cents though.


Yes… I’ve had my name said throughout the whole clip lol. The first one I ever got from her was an audio clip, And she said my name all throughout the recording but I discovered about 2 months later that she was selling the same one. As a matter of fact there were two that she said my name and constantly so yeah,… but obviously that’s just me!

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I would also be averse, if I were to invest my money in customs, to trading them. Especially if we’re assuming this is a for my eyes only, exclusive custom. Not just for reasons of hypocrisy, but also if it leaks out the trading pipeline onto a platform like ThisVid (as it inevitably will if you traded it in the first place) then the creator will probably see it there and know you (and it could only have been you) originally traded it and won’t want to do business with you any more.

Also for the people saying “I don’t care what the creator does with the custom after I make it” that doesn’t change the fact that the correct, proper thing to do would be to ask the buyer if they want it to be exclusive or not exclusive. It would also benefit the creator if they choose to attach a premium for an exclusive, so everyone is happy in this scenario where consent is asked for.

I hope more content creators follow your lead, and I certainly would if I ever made material myself. Props to you.

Exactly… didn’t bother me to the point where I lost sleep over it but it did have that wtf factor to it

This sort of discussion reflects the often informal contract between commissioner and artist/performer. The law is clear, the creator of the work (unless an employee) retains the copyright unless the contract specifically transfers it to the commissioner. The copyright holder can sell or sublicense the work as they see fit.

As to how I feel, I understand it takes hundreds of sales to make a monthly salary that would cover my living expenses. If the rest of you weren’t here, I wouldn’t get anything, even with five times my commission budget.

I guess what it all comes down to is the misconception of the word custom. The way I saw it was when someone has a custom-made suit by their tailor or something like that, they want it because it’s exclusive and no one else has it. Or someone has a custom designed car, it’s a car that they are the only one with. I guess it doesn’t work that way with burping LOL. Another way I see it is, I’m the type of person that might tip you a little extra without you even asking to create the video with something specific, so it’s kind of like the concept of (you giving a female some money for this sexy lingerie that you like to see her in) and she’s wearing the lingerie for someone else. Never knew that folks were unbothered by their ideas being reposted without the creator discussing it with u… until I created this thread. That’s why it’s good too over your mouth about certain issues I guess. I think everybody on here for educating me about how Burping customs work.

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Except if you have hundreds of other videos in your store, and dozens coming out every month, you won’t be relying on this one contentiously-owned custom to be meeting “living expenses” each month. Most models are exactly as I just described, the ones who rely on it as a primary job are anyway.