Too hot?

Is there such a thing as too hot for anyone else? I know this seems insane but yeah worth a discussion I think. This is just an odd nuance to the kink which I’m sure everyone else has theirs.

Girls like imissdragontales and Mary Rose Love are too good at belching while being ridiculously attractive. This is obviously no knock on them, they’re outstanding. But maybe too outstanding for me.

Let me know if this is just crazy talk or does anyone else feel this way about certain belchers out there? Any other odd nuances that have arisen for you personally during this wild journey?


I don’t know about “too hot” but there’s a certain type A girl personality, above average intelligence, organized, articulate, speaks with a commanding tone when they’re knowledgeable about something, etc. that combined with doing something crude like burping sends me into overdrive. you see it a decent amount on twitch, buttoned down overachievers getting their crazy out. mugi is definitely a prime example.


I like to think of it this way, I wouldn’t necessarily say too hot, but I tend to think to myself “damn I wouldn’t be able to handle that”

But I understand the point you’re coming from


For me if I see a guy that’s I find ridiculously attractive and he’s amazing at burping. Then they’re too hot for me and by too hot I mean I literally can’t control myself and I just lose control and just have to get off to them right that second.


yea i agree in all honesty. and it’s not that i don’t love beautiful women burping because i do but sometimes it’s the trashy ones that really get the job done.


The meltdown the entire forums had when camycohen was a thing.


Yeah exactly bro. This girl was out here releasing 30 second burps and nobody on this forum knew how to handle that information.


The burp economy was in shambles when she arrived at the scene. Shit was hilarious. We have slowly recovered since then.


this forum when the camycohen vids were released


This is the best criticism I’ve ever received :joy:


Yeah MaryRoseLove need to cool it a bit. No hate to her at all, I absolutely love her content but I saw some previews of her new vids on Manyvids and fucking hell. I was just window shopping and I had to take a breather. Her good looks and her unnaturally good belching ability made me really sit back and think about if I could handle this in real life.